Why Do Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools

There is no better way to explain how infographics are an effective marketing tool than in the form of an easy to follow infographic. We explain what an infographic is and how the visualisation of data takes precedent over text heavy stimuli.

The eyes are an extension of the brain and well over half of the population are visual learners. With this in mind, publishers and businesses can benefit from the change. There is a demand for data that is quickly transferable, coherent and visually interesting.

Why Do Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools

As almost all sensory information will be filtered out the brain, it is essential to create a lasting visual impression and sometimes through sourcing unusual details.

And this article tintota.com will help you answer the following questions about “Why Do Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools“.

In our “Ultimate Guide to Marketing With Infographics” we covered all the ways you can leverage them to extend their reach (rather than letting them simply appear once in a blog post and fade away).

It covered:

Creation vs. curation
Researching data sources
Embed codes for easy sharing
Virality using social recycling via a landing page
Making them Pinnable with Pinterest
A PDF and much more…
Today we’ll dig into the stats behind why infographics are so effective as a marketing tool. As you’ll notice from the graphic above, people are searching for infographics like crazy! An 800% increase in searches on Google in just the last two years.

And if you read on, you’ll see a lot of crazy stats about how the human brain and our eyes perceive imagery and the affect it has on how we interact with content.

Oh, and there are some nice tweetable stats taken from the infographic at the end of the post, ready and waiting for you (you’ll be able to change what they say before tweeting them too).

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