Vintage Shoes That Are Part Of Current Fashion

Having an essence and pinch of old time memories, there are out now many vintage style shoes be it peppy or Royall or somewhat retro disco. These shoes not only remind you about the past, but also give a look of 90’s evergreen fashion.

Vintage Shoes That Are Part Of Current Fashion

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As has been known for centuries, trends in clothing and fashion keep repeating themselves in a cycle. Clothes that were worn in the eighties and seventies are suddenly on the fashion runways again. Vintage shoes that ruled the earlier years for their functionality are now seen as items of fashion. Some of the biggest names in design are inspired by clad that ruled the eighties.

The latest and most amusing entrants in the fashion industry are oxfords. They have from time immemorial been associated with high school and college students from the wider London metropolis. However, since English style is making a name for itself in world fashion, these adorable pieces found themselves in the mix. In the past, they were mainly a preserve for men but have been remade to fit feminine style.

The evolution and rising popularity of rock music has carried a most unusual feature of style with its tide. Much to the amusement of many retro shoe enthusiasts, clogs are back in style. These shoes are considered a preserve of the rebellious and free spirits of society. Bold designs have been incorporated with clogs to make them auger well with the modern taste. Some of the most popular styles of clogs include peep toes, boots and heels.

Slippers and flats are a constant reminder of retro eras in fashion. Even though they have not fully swung back into the limelight, a pair of retro slippers is a must have for all ladies. Ballerina flats are rare to find which means that they are valuable. Shoemakers who design flats take a lot of time into ensuring that the cut fits right with the aesthetic beauty of the shoe.


Cowboy boots are an interesting addition to today’s fashion industry. I the past, they were considered clad for farm laborers and cowboys from the Midwest. However, they have infiltrated the fashion industry and are rated highly for their durability, practicability and toughness. They give an impression of ruggedness and toughness on the owner thus making a bold statement.

Since time immemorial, heels and pumps have been an integral part of fashion for ladies. They have the ability to transform ordinary clothes into fabulous pieces of fashion. Ladies are going the extra mile in search of vintage heels that have colorful linings, intricate designs and accessories such as buckles.

Summer is the season for fashion all across the Northern hemisphere. This time around, sling backs and sandals were in high demand. Their return to fashion is attributed to their coziness and ease of use. The most popular designs are fabric insoles, Asian inspired sandals, sea shell designs and oriental makes.

That history repeats itself is a fact that nobody can dispute. Vintage shoes are back in fashion and are highly valued on stages and runways. The best part about collecting and wearing vintage pairs are the memories that they evoke. To some people, they are a memory of their dancing days in discotheques, picnics or other earlier times.

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