Investing In Antique Teddy Bears.How much is my charlie bear worth?

Stuffed pets are enjoyed by people of all ages, primarily because they are soft to the contact and uncomplicated to hang on to.

In addition to engaging kids, they are wonderful collectibles, as could be seen in the value of antique teddy bears that have actually come to be items drastically cherished over time.Investing In Antique Teddy Bears.How much is my charlie bear worth?


Investing In Antique Teddy Bears
Investing In Antique Teddy Bears

Meet world’s 10 most expensive teddy bears

Bear market strategies,investing In Antique Teddy Bears

Have you ever considered making a monetary investment in teddy bears? Before you burst out laughing, think about the individual who discovered a giant Steiff teddy bear abandoned in a trash and brought it to Christie’s, where it sold for more than £7,000 dollars. Also, the individual who sold a Steiff stuffed animal to the Yoshihiro Sekiguchi Museum in Japan for £110,000 is deserving of recognition. As in the case of a collector who fell to the allure of a 1907 Steiff hot-water-bottle teddy bear and paid £33,000 to get it.

Bear market strategies,investing In Antique Teddy Bears
Bear market strategies,investing In Antique Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are a popular investment for a surprising number of individuals. One of the managing directors of a UK auction business has purchased a rare teddy bear for each of his grandkids, according to the company. Neither should they be knocked about or left out in the yard, nor should they be covered with chocolate cake at pretend tea parties. These are priceless objects that should be admired from a safe distance and handled with caution. When the children reach the appropriate age, assuming they are not too emotional, they will have the option of selling their teddy bears in order to fund the deposit for their first apartment.

The Steiff is the Rolls-Royce of the teddy-bear world – Rolls-Royce, of course, being a German-owned company these days, just as the Steiff is. A wheelchair-bound seamstress in the small German town of Giengen, Margarete Steiff built up a business in the late nineteenth century making felt animals, and her nephew Richard Steiff, despite Margarete’s reservations, developed the company’s first bear, with jointed arms and legs, glass eyes, and fur made of mohair plush, in 1902. The company’s first bear had jointed arms and legs, glass eyes, and fur made of mohair plush. When it was shown in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair, it became an instant popularity with American customers, earning Margarete and Richard gold medals for their efforts. Orders for no less than 12,000 of the bears were accepted.

Kathy Taylor, the dolls and teddies specialist at the Vectis auction house in Teesside, explains that limited-edition Steiff bears may be quite expensive if they’re kept in excellent condition for long periods of time. ‘You can detect the difference by looking at the labels: the limited-edition bears have white labels, while the regular bears have yellow labels.’ Some of the limited-edition bears are only available in limited quantities. Quite times, there are just 1,000 of them available for purchase. These are very valuable, and the older ones, if they have been carefully maintained, may be worth tens of thousands of pounds.’

So, who precisely is it that is purchasing these items? Taylor acknowledges that Teddy collectors are “a little weird.” ‘Some of them form a strong relationship to the bears and find it difficult to part with them, while others are seasoned investors who only purchase bears in excellent shape. Following that, they’ll sell them on to museums or large collectors.’

Christie’s has been selling rare antique teddy bears, the majority of which date back to before the Second World War, since the early 1970s, but it wasn’t until the early 1980s that sales of bears began to take off in a significant way. The majority of the top-priced bears are produced by Steiff, although bears produced by other renowned soft toy makers, such as Farnell, Bing, and Merrythought, have also achieved astronomically high sums at auction.

Christie’s auction house sold a very rare Steiff teddy bear from 1912 in the year 2000. It was a fat and luxurious black monster that brought in £91,750 at auction. In the words of Daniel Agnew, head of Christie’s Teddy Bear Department, “We presume that the reason for the bear’s black mohair is that it was manufactured shortly after the Titanic went down on April 14, 1912.” A great many individuals were acquainted with someone who had perished on the ship, and a large portion of London was in grief. People dressed in black, store windows were draped in black, and as a result, they purchased black teddy bears to go with their outfits. ‘They even had black eyes with red felt behind them, which was really very frightening for little children.

However, you will not be able to locate a teddy bear that is older than 1903. If you do, you can be certain that it is a forgery of the original. Simple ‘bears’ were available for purchase as early as the late 1880s, when the technology of creating soft toys out of manufactured ‘plush’ materials was first invented. Teddy bears are distinguished from other types of bears by the fact that they have articulated joints and can be bent over to stand on their hind legs.

The nickname “teddy bear” originated during Theodore Roosevelt’s administration, when he went out on a game hunt and discovered that there were no bears to be seen. A gamekeeper captured and attached a bear cub to a tree and advised that the president kill it, Roosevelt declined and the episode was shown in a cartoon in the Washington Post, which was titled ‘Teddy’s Bear,’ and published in 1909. Within a few days, an enterprising toy firm had approached the government to get authorization to manufacture and market a miniature bear known as the Teddy Bear. It is possible that it was during this time that the president acquired a strong aversion to the moniker Teddy..

When it comes to selling teddy bears, having a documented line of descent is advantageous. ‘We recently sold a cheeky little bear from 1957 for £450,’ adds Taylor, referring to the sale of the animal. “The reason it brought such a high price was because it had a picture of one of the bear’s original owners, a young girl who had discovered him on a beach and hidden him in a rock pool,” the auctioneer said. If there are photographs of the bears with their original owners, no matter who they are, this provides them with a history that greatly increases their value.’ If there are photographs of the bears with their original owners, no matter who they are, this provides them with a history that greatly increases their value.

Even if you appreciate the notion of putting your children’s future money in their toy closet, you could choose anything other than teddy bears. For example, Star Trek memorabilia, Action Men, or Matchbox cars are all good choices. Those stick-thin dolls with pointed toes, made of durable pink plastic, are also popular among collectors; a 1959 Barbie sold at Christie’s last month for £2,880.

But, as Agnew points out, nearly everyone has owned a teddy bear at some point in their lives, and they are universally appealing to children. If you don’t want to spend thousands of pounds buying one at auction, you could be surprised to discover that you already have a little furry bundle worth a lot sitting in your attic that you didn’t even know about!

How can you make money from collecting teddy bears?

Little Charley Bear is a British CGI-animated television series created by Daniel Pickering. Narrated by James Corden, Little Charley Bear takes viewers on a journey into the world of let’s pretend, where anything is possible. Little Charley Bear made its television debut in January 2011 on CBeebies. The show has been sold into more than 80 territories.

In 2012, a one off stage version was made, Little Charley Bear and His Christmas Adventure written and directed by Brian Herring.

In 2013, DreamWorks Animation bought the rights to Chapman Entertainment’s library and children’s shows.

In 2020 Little Charley Bear official YouTube channel was launched, with all 52 episodes available.

How can you make money from collecting teddy bears?
How can you make money from collecting teddy bears?


Steiff bears, which originated in Germany in the early twentieth century and are very collectible, are one example. Other German manufacturers, such as Bing, Gebruder Sussenguth, and Schuco, may do the same.

Chiltern, Dean’s, JK Farnell, Merrythought, and Chad Valley are just a few of the well-known British producers.

According to Jasper Pearson, of Sue Pearson Bears and Bygones in Sussex, this is a fantastic moment to make a purchase of antique teddy bears and other collectibles.

“Prices leveled off a few years ago as a result of the recession, and now they are rapidly increasing again,” he adds.

Due to their increasing appeal as collectibles in recent decades, most antique bears have been recovered from attics and cabinets, and prices for early and unusual bears will only rise in the future.

This implies that you may buy a teddy bear for a reasonable price right now and then sit back and watch as its value increases.

Furthermore, according to Pearson, the kind of individuals that collect teddy bears are more diversified than you would expect.

“Teddy bears are popular with individuals of all ages, including men, women, and children.

“We have one really selective consumer who is around 12 years old and who saves all of her money to purchase antique bears.” Every two or three months, she visits our store and spends a long time gazing at and hugging each and every one of our ancient bears until she finds the one that ‘talks back to her.'”

“We find that the majority of our clients purchase bears because they like them and enjoy being surrounded by them in their homes, frequently choosing a certain type or era of bear. As a result, although many bear collectors are middle-aged ladies, we also have a large number of male collectors of various ages.”

Sue Pearson is a writer and editor who lives in the United Kingdom. Bears & Bygones has sold a number of very pricey bears throughout the course of its history.

In the last year, we have sold a number of very rare Steiff bears for in excess of £30,000, the most recent of which was a particularly great condition black Steiff from 1912, which was created exclusively for the English market in honour of those who perished in the Titanic catastrophe.

Teddy bear appraisals for both antique and vintage bears

Teddy bear appraisals for both antique and vintage bears
Teddy bear appraisals for both antique and vintage bears

Bear Manufacturer – When attempting to determine the value of an antique bear, the firm or bear manufacturer is vital to consider. Schuco, Steiff, and Bing are just a handful of the well-known brands that have been involved with teddy bear manufacture throughout the years. Because of their widespread use, they attract a premium price.

Purchasing a bear from one of these firms will let you to get the most financial benefit possible from it.
A unique teddy bear that is in poor shape isn’t much of a novelty. It is fairly unusual for antique products such as teddy bears to have some flaws in their construction. However, if the general condition of the items is excellent, you may still obtain a reasonable price for them (and if all of the parts are intact).

Labels – One of the things that will help to protect the value of antique teddy bears is if they still have their original labels and tags attached to them. This is particularly true if the labels and tags are still in good condition. As a result, you must ensure that these characteristics are present throughout the appraisal process.

Age – The greater the age of an antique object, the greater its monetary worth. The same may be said about vintage teddy bears as well.

Rarity – The rarity of an antique artifact may increase its market value by as much as double. When an antique is over 100 years old, there are fewer of them available on the market, which makes it more valuable. A greater price might also be demanded when there are limited quantities of a certain teddy bear available for sale.

History — The origin of your antique teddy bear, as well as any noteworthy tale associated with it, might increase its value.

What should i be looking for in a teddy bear?

What should i be looking for in a teddy bear?
What should i be looking for in a teddy bear?

When purchasing a collectible bear, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Purchasing a teddy bear is similar to purchasing a painting in that it is something you can enjoy as it increases in value. So, unless you want to keep it hidden away in an attic for years, you should get a bear that you find appealing. Purchase a teddy bear that you will be proud to exhibit.

Purchase the finest bear you can for the amount of money you have to spend. It is preferable to purchase a bear in excellent shape from the 1950s rather than a bear that has been much loved and worn since the 1920s. Don’t forget that, although collectors appreciate a rare object, its overall condition is critical. It also has to be an item that the collector will like owning.

When purchasing a more costly teddy bear, you should always get a certificate of provenance, which describes where the bear originated and who has previously had it.

When it comes to bears for investment, they must always be in the greatest possible condition, so make sure they have been thoroughly mended and cleaned. This is important because a filthy bear may transmit bugs, which, if introduced to a collection, can create holes and rips in the bear’s clothing.

Having stated that, it is necessary to remember that the original stuffed vintage teddy bears were made to look more authentic than those of today. Essentially, they did not look as cute or as hot and loving as those in recent years.

Instead, they had huge noses, a great deal like the true pet, and also beadier eyes. Locating them is an additional tale, but it is not as challenging as it was in the past.

For instance, there are events just for them worldwide, as in Australia, Canada, the U. S., Japan, Germany, and also the U. K. For an encounter that will definitely take people back in time, able to discover more on the subject to make much better investments, there are also galleries in some components of the world.

How much is my charlie bear worth?

Dolls that sell for hundreds of pounds are a far cry from the days when dolls were only for play.
A teddy bear may provide a lifetime of unconditional affection to a child. It might also have the potential of turning out to be a wise financial investment. TOBY WALNE of The Mail on Sunday investigates the investing potential of this cuddly pal — as well as the investment potential of other money-making childhood buddies.
Teddy bears were invented in 1902, when Richard Steiff was inspired by bears performing at a circus and decided to create his own. The stuffed bears were made by his aunt Margarete, who was the proprietor of a toy firm, and despite her doubts, the cuddly toy was an instant success.

The most sought-after Steiff survivors are those who lived in the early 1900s. The highest price ever paid for a Steiff Teddy Girl bear was £110,000 in 1994 for a 1905 Steiff Teddy Girl bear that was used as a fortunate mascot by a British Army colonel during the Second World War D-Day landings in France.

Where should i buy and sell teddy bears?

Where should i buy and sell teddy bears?
Where should i buy and sell teddy bears?

The internet may also bring even more info and purchasing power.

Bears of the Abbey is an Internet website that may be remarkably helpful as well. However, it is necessary for every one gathering these items to recognize that antiques could be difficult unless people understand what to search for. That indicates doing one’s homework to stay clear of paying too much or buying fraudulent copies.

Know the products that were utilized by the various makers, who were from all over the globe. Get to the styles, sizes, clothing, and some other information for an intelligent buy. Doing so will definitely guarantee your assortment grows in worth, as it will when all homework is done.

It is simple to put together an antique teddy bears assortment that expands in worth.

For one point, they are a little something desirable, so they will definitely be simpler to market. And today, with the Internet, individuals have the option to get with better simplicity, in addition to resell merely as simply.

FAQ Investing In Antique Teddy Bears.

The monetary value of collectible Teddy Bears

A Steiff teddy bear in superb condition from the same period may fetch up to $500 per inch of bear’s length, with some twenty-inch bears fetching upwards of $10,000 when sold at public auction. Original Steiff Bear 28 PBs from 1904 may fetch up to $40,000 on the market.

What kinds of teddy bears are valuable as collectibles?

A collection of 12 teddy bears that are worth a lot
Teddy Bear by Steiff and Karl Lagerfeld – $3,687.26.
Gund Snuffles Teddy Bear is valued about $10,000.
Steiff Rod Bear PB28 is priced between $10,000 and $12,000…
Steiff’s Grandfather bear is valued at around $12,900.
The Steiff Alfonzo Teddy Bear is valued at around $16,000.
The Steiff Diamond Eyes Bear is valued at $35,000…
a bear by Steiff with a centre seam valued at $37,000

What kinds of old stuffed animals are worth money these days?

Teddy bears that are the most valuable in the world
Bears from Steiff and Louis Vuitton. The year 2000 was the year of sale.
Teddy Bear ‘Teddy Girl’ by Steiff Bear … Date of sale: 1994…
Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear is a stuffed bear that represents the Titanic. … Date of sale: 2000…
Teddy Bear from Steiff. … Date of sale: 2000…
Teddy Bear from Steiff to wish you a happy anniversary. … Date of sale: 1989…
Bear with Diamond Eyes from Steiff. … Date of sale: 2008…
This is a Steiff Harlequin Teddy Bear.
Teddy bear by Steiff, named Elliot.

There are several features that help to determine the age of a vintage teddy.

Are you able to identify the creator? … The Fur or Fabric Provides a Hint as to the Age of the Animal.
The Stuffing Expresses a Great Deal…
As time passes, the shapes of Teddy Bears change.
The eyes of a teddy bear may reveal a great deal about its age.
A Teddy who is older may have a distinctive nose.


When you acquire an antique teddy bear (or any antique, for that matter), you often have one question on your mind: how much is it really worth? When you understand the components that go into determining the worth of an antique teddy bear, it becomes much easier. If you want to know what makes one teddy bear more valuable than another, you may think about the characteristics listed above before making your decision.

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