Gifts for people with no hobbies. Inexpensive gifts for someone who has everything.

We’ve all got someone on our present list that is difficult to purchase for. You know, the person you hate picking for a gift exchange or who you struggle to buy a present for every year. But I’m here to help!

I dug deep into the reasons why individuals are difficult to purchase for and came up with eight categories. It’s worth noting that folks who have everything or are difficult to purchase presents for often fall into more than one of these categories! That’s great news because I’ll provide you gift tactics for each category as well as some interesting present ideas.

Gifts for people with no hobbies
Gifts for people with no hobbies

I’d also want to provide a link to a blog article I published on Amazon Explore Experiences. Because they are relatively new, you may not have heard of them yet… They are, nevertheless, an excellent present option for those who are difficult to purchase for.

There are affiliate links in this post. This means that if you buy anything via my links, I will get a tiny profit (at no cost to you!). I always attempt to suggest goods that I have firsthand knowledge of and love. I also study reviews and ratings to ensure that I am providing you with the finest possible gift selection. More information may be found in my complete disclosure.

1. You are unfamiliar with them.

Maybe you have a new son-in-law, or maybe you drew a coworker for a work gift exchange. When you don’t know someone well, it might be difficult to come up with a terrific present.

Gift Ideas for People You Don’t Know Well

Investigate: Ask around about their hobbies/interests. Examine their social media in a non-creepy manner. Once you’ve determined their interests and/or activities, seek for a present that complements them. RECOMMENDED POSTS: Astronomy Gift Basket, Photography Gift Ideas, Sports Gifts for Men, Hiking Gifts, Gardening Gifts

Take the commonality path: We all have basic needs…we eat, we drink, we sleep, we have a place to live, and so on. Buy a gift that falls into one of those categories. POSTS RECOMMENDED: Ultimate Grilling Gift Guide, Useful Gift Ideas 45 Women’s Self-Care Gift Ideas

They have everything they need.
They have everything they need.

2. They have everything they need.

Older individuals and those with a lot of money often fall into this group of persons who are difficult to purchase presents for. When you’re pondering gift ideas and they appear to have everything, it might be irritating!

You must go outside the box to come up with some amazing present ideas that would be helpful or meaningful to them.

Gifting Ideas for People Who Have Everything:

Make it Personal: Purchase items that you know they will like and use. Do they have a cup of coffee every morning? What about a customized Starbucks cup and a Starbucks gift card? You think they’d like an Audible + membership (and an Amazon Echo Dot to listen to it on!) or an audio book?

Go Nostalgic: If you have a connection with your giftee, get them a gift that reminds them of those memories. Make a picture book, or purchase a recipe or travel book from a location you visited with them. Get a keychain or necklace with the GPS coordinates of a specific location.

Give Service: This is one of my favorite things to give to someone who has everything. Try to think of anything you can do to help them. It might be something they dislike (painting a bedroom, rearranging a closet, raking leaves), or something they don’t have time for (cookie-of-the-month club). You might do this act of service once or create a certificate to do it more often.

hey have expensive/difficult-to-purchase hobbies
hey have expensive/difficult-to-purchase hobbies

3. They have expensive/difficult-to-purchase hobbies

Perhaps the difficult-to-buy-for individual on your list has a pastime about which you are completely unaware. Or their activity necessitates the purchase of pricey equipment that is out of your budget range! So, what should you do about gifts?


Consider education: Is there a hobby magazine, book, or online class that might assist them learn more about their activity?
Assist them in celebrating their pastime by doing the following: If you cannot afford the equipment, get apparel or décor that allows them to express their enthusiasm for their activity. For almost every activity, you may find a t-shirt or keychain! On Etsy, I really like looking at digital download prints.

They only want expensive presents that are out of your price range.
They only want expensive presents that are out of your price range.

4. They only want expensive presents that are out of your price range.

(I’m referring to you, teens!) There comes a time when it seems like EVERYTHING your kid desires is well out of your price range. It’s time to be honest with them about finances… Be astute in your gift-giving so that they are still thrilled to see what you have chosen.


Try to think of a creative solution to the problem: if they desire pricey headphones to listen to music, consider a less expensive option that will provide the same usefulness. You must now exercise caution since, for many teenagers, the brand is all that counts! As a result, I offer an option that is NOT an off-brand, otherwise it will be rejected. Your kid, for example, desires Apple AirPods. Instead of getting him off-brand wireless headphones, consider another exciting method for him to listen to music, such as a bluetooth shower speaker. Another alternative is to buy a different (less costly) present and then offer them some “seed money” to use towards the purchase of the item they really want. You appreciate something much more when you have to work for it!

Give Connecting Gifts: Especially for teenagers, think of gift ideas that can help them connect more with their friends, family, or you! Perhaps a little bluetooth projector or a fun board game (this one mixes phones and trivia!) to play with family or friends. POSTS RECOMMENDED: Outdoor Activities for Families

They have no interests.
They have no interests.

5. They have no interests.

Do any of the difficult-to-buy-for persons on your list seem to have no obvious hobbies? Are you completely at a loss for what to offer them since you have no clue what they do in their free time? Here are some suggestions for you!


Bring back interests they used to enjoy: It’s time to start doing some research. You may just ask them what activities they used to like, or you can ask their loved ones, or you can check through their social media or old picture albums. If they enjoyed the pastime in the past, rekindling their passion with some new items might be a lot of fun! POSTS RECOMMENDED: Astronomy Gift Basket, Photography Gift Ideas, Sports Gifts for Men, Hiking Gifts, Gardening Gifts
Consider an activity that they could enjoy: There are several activities that are seeing a renaissance! Knitting is making a comeback! This year, a lot of individuals began gardening. There are so many excellent books out there that everyone should read, and you can make it fun by setting a goal of “100 novels everyone should read in their lifetime.”

They are picky
They are picky

6. They are picky

It might be disappointing to attempt to strategically purchase a present for the person who has everything/is difficult to shop for if they are exceedingly fussy (translation: they return all the items they get). I’ve been there before! It’s not always worth the effort to purchase them anything if you know they’ll return it. However, there are a few tactics that may assist you in dealing with fussy receivers.

Purchase items that they require: There are several practical presents that will be appreciated by even the most discerning recipients. I would not advise investing too much money… However, purchasing a few “needs” is an excellent approach to deal with a choosy giftee!

Buy Present Cards: It pains me to say this as a professional gift idea thinker-upper (yes, that is my actual title ;)) since I normally despise gift cards. If, on the other hand, the person on your list has returned everything you’ve given them in the past, spare your heart some heartache and simply get them a gift card to a business or restaurant they like. You may show your appreciation and compassion by sending a meaningful letter about what you respect or love about them. Kind words in and of themselves are a gift.

They are not interested in receiving presents.
They are not interested in receiving presents.

7. They are not interested in receiving presents.

Some folks on our present lists declare that they do not want anything. This might be due to any or all of the other seven reasons mentioned in this article (they have costly hobbies, they are fussy, they live minimally, etc.) or they could be more concerned with your budget and want you to save your money for yourself (how sweet!). HOWEVER…it might make you feel bad if you let someone’s birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas pass without giving them a mark of your affection.


Go Consumable: There are some incredibly creative ways to give them gifts that they will surely utilize! The Bloomsy Box flower subscription is fantastic. Grill Masters Subscription boxes are ideal for those who like grilling.
Provide a Service: Another fantastic present for folks who declare they don’t want a gift is service. Do they have an issue that you can assist them with? Consider how you can make their lives simpler by doing something for them.
Give the gift of experience/connection: Gift something you can do together to strengthen your bond. Maybe a cookery class? Or an activity that they can undertake on their own, such as a massage.

They live minimally
They live minimally

8. They live minimally

This might refer to minimalists or college students, but the bottom line is that they don’t want additional “STUFF.” I believe it is crucial to respect their way of life, even if it is not yours. Here are some present ideas for folks who don’t want to fill their homes or places with clutter.


Purchase consumable gifts: Consider items that they will utilize on a daily basis. Buy a nicer or more distinctive version to make it more “gifty”! A tea subscription box, a hot sauce making kit, and a herb garden starter kit are all available.

Purchase helpful gifts: Another excellent present for minimalists is something that they can genuinely utilize. A multi-purpose gadget, such as the Ninja FOODIE Multi-Use Cooker, or a basic (but fantastic!) insulated cup.


What do you gift someone who doesn’t have any hobbies?

Clutch with a cosmetic mat.
Bracelet for your pet
Earrings for a Feminist.
Bracelet that promotes body positivity.
Slicer with a spiral.
Hangers for cats.
Candle with an Old Book Scent.
Plush Coffee.

What should you gift a guy who doesn’t have any hobbies?

Gifts for Men Who Don’t Have Any Hobbies
Clothes. Even if he has no interests, he must leave the home at some point…. Keep an eye on him. Because he has no interests, spend your whole present money on a high-end watch…. Food. Because everyone has to eat, a food gift is ideal for the guy who has no hobbies.

What do you buy for someone who doesn’t accomplish anything?

“No Gifts, Please”: 18 Presents for Your Non-Wishing Friend
A one-of-a-kind puzzle in the form of a geode.
Cocktail stirrers with plenty of space for garnishes.
Custom coasters featuring their favorite location.
A bottle opener ideal for baseball fans.
Mugs designed just for the whole family.

What should you gift someone who isn’t interested in material things?

Class on meditation. If you have a friend or family member who is interested in mindfulness, a meditation course might be an excellent non-material present.
Language class. You may teach a single session or a whole introductory course.
Online class.
Yoga/fitness class
Class in photography.
Class on drawing.
Of course, you’ll need to know how to play the guitar and the drums.


That’s all there is to it! I hope that this in-depth look at the reasons WHY individuals are difficult to purchase for will assist you in recognizing your giving difficulty and devising some enjoyable tactics to overcome it.

Present ideas don’t always come easy to everyone, and I’m delighted to share these gift ideas with you! I really hope they can assist.

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