California General Liability Insurance

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Business General Liability Insurance

The coverage you need depends on the type of business you are in and the perceived risk associated with it. For example, a building contractor will need more coverage than a web designer or consultant. Your business location is also another factor that comes into play. For example, some states tend to award more in damages to plaintiffs claiming personal injury than others. Talk to a licensed insurance broker for advice on this before you rush out and buy a policy.

Benefits of General Liability

California small business owners from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Sacramento most likely need general liability insurance. Now, the state doesn’t require general liability. Still, it protects your company in case someone ever sues you for bodily injury, property damage, reputational harm, or advertising injury, and it’s one of those coverages that just about every business owner should have.

Why? Well, a big reason is that many large clients will require proof of general liability insurance coverage before they hire you (they don’t want you going out of business because of a lawsuit!). Also, 40% of small businesses will have a liability claim filed against them in the next decade—and most won’t have the money, time, and lawyers necessary to fight the claim on their own. Without general liability, your business could face tens of thousands of dollars in legal defense costs.

Business General Liability Insurance, California General Liability Insurance, Commercial General Liability Insurance.

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