App mystery. Mystery manor game free download for pc.

PC gaming has come a long way since the days of Solitaire and Minesweeper. There are now hundreds of great games to choose from, including some amazing free downloads. In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 of the best free mystery Manor games available online.

App mystery
App mystery

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The best mystery game apps for the iPhone-2022

Forensic Investigator

With this iPhone detective software, you can thoroughly immerse yourself in the plot while attempting to solve a crime and bring the perpetrator to justice. Explore the murder scene in augmented reality to discover clues projected onto the environment around you. Analyze ballistics, compare blood samples, or check case files on the suspects, including their testimonies and alibis, using interactive forensic tools. This mystery solving game allows you to race against the time to collect enough evidence to identify and apprehend the perpetrator and show you’ve got the goods by breaking the case!

  • Examine your investigating abilities.
  • Investigate the crime site
  • Use interactive forensic software.
  • Solve the mystery case


In this crime solving games app for iPhone, use your brain to solve puzzles and investigate terrible murder cases! Analyze the evidence and follow the trail to bring the culprits to justice! Join the CRIMO elite squad, which specializes in logical criminal investigations, to solve the mystery game. Following a brief training at the Police Academy, you will be assigned to lead brutal murder investigations in Miami and New York by using pure logic to solve mysteries. Gather clues, analyze them, corroborate evidence, or dismiss false leads.

  • Tens of criminal prosecutions have been filed in two prominent cities: Miami and New York.
  • There are hundreds of grid puzzles to solve using logic and reasoning.
  • Dynamic investigation board where your searches extend out and intertwine like a spider web, much as in the best detective movies.
  • Meet Jamie, a police officer, Jim, a forensic specialist, the Chief of Police, Madam District Attorney, the fireman…
  • Special obstacles include: blazing murder scenes with clues engulfed in flames, FBI-restricted entry zones where your hands are clenched…

In over 30 countries, the Sherlock Holmes mystery app has received five stars and is the best-selling software.
This iPhone mystery game is now available for free with the first two cases. It includes unique footage and audio from the popular TV show’s stars.

  • Sherlock Holmes has a message for you that has to be delivered right now.
  • He asks you to assist him in solving his most recent case.
  • Navigate the streets of London, looking for clues, solving riddles, and putting together the jigsaw that is the case.
  • Contains 10 new cases to investigate, each with its own mystery, as well as special video, games, puzzles, and a scoreboard for top players.

The Past’s Mysteries

In this engaging hidden object adventure game, go back to the nineteenth century to investigate a series of crimes. Investigate crime scenes for clues, ask suspects, and analyze evidence to capture the murderers. Are you ready to put your investigative abilities to the test?

  • Investigate crime sites in a bygone era’s metropolis.
  • Look for proof by examining hints and analyzing samples.
  • Question witnesses and suspects
  • Bring the murderer to justice.

Afternoon Shift

You make the decisions in this BAFTA-winning heist thriller. Navigate the main character through a labyrinth of challenging choices to uncover seven endings and up to four hours of film. Matt, a bright student, is coerced into a heist of a prominent London auction house and must establish his innocence in order to save his life. When everything is conspiring against him, how will he/you decide to act?

  • The stylish episodic film puts you in charge of the hero’s choices.
  • The youthful parking valet is pulled into a high-stakes robbery.
  • You just have seconds to decide how to respond to tough circumstances.
  • Exotic London locales and top-of-the-line sports automobiles


The Sentence app is a new psychological thriller developed by the same team that created I Am Innocent. Young girls are being abducted and killed one by one in a tiny hamlet. Choose your messages wisely, keep your cool when friends and loved ones clash, hack into databases, eavesdrop on other characters, and analyze evidence to capture a serial murderer.

  • Wiretaps on other characters, group conversations, phone calls, photographs, and videos all erode the distinction between game and reality.
  • Countless hours of gaming
  • Characters that are complex and battle with the skeletons in their closets
  • Your actions will determine whether you capture the murderer or let them go.

Investigation of Cold Cases

The Cold Cases: Investigation app is a compelling game in which you may take on the role of a detective and investigate a variety of mysteries in order to uncover the murderer. Analyze the DNA, locate the weapon, identify the murderer, and imprison him/her. Here are several murder cases that need to be solved in order to discover the perpetrator.

  • Investigate the suspect
  • Determine the weapon
  • Find the perpetrator.
  • Inquire about the witness

June’s Adventure: Hidden Objects

Dive into June Parker’s enthralling journey to uncover a shocking, long-hidden family truth. Escape to a period of wealth and passion as you solve hundreds of breathtaking mind-bending puzzles in pursuit of hidden secrets. In the glitzy 1920s, solve mind-boggling mysteries. Look forward to a fresh mystery with each new chapter, and a new chapter every week, much like your favorite TV show.

  • Utilize your sense of observation to locate all concealed clues.
  • Relax as you explore hundreds of beautiful hidden object settings and create your own magnificent estate island.
  • Don’t miss the next blockbuster from the creators of the legendary hidden object classic “Pearl’s Peril.”
  • With the new screenshot option, you can show off the beauty of your island.

Adventures in Ghost Town

Ghost Town Adventures is a fantastic voyage filled with magical and intriguing happenings. Travel with the young sorceress, who has discovered the most unique place – The Ghost Town – as a result of her family’s mysteries. Ghost’s existence in this lovely village progressed until a strange and powerful Dramatist emerged among them. Begin your journey now and liberate law-abiding folks from Dramatist’s persecution.

  • Those who like riddles and fascinating puzzles will be captivated by the adventure genre.
  • Every character you encounter has an astonishingly revealed personality.
  • Of course, this is an exciting novel full of brilliant moments, surprising twists, and nice humor.
  • The offline version enables you to play the game no matter where you are.

Who Is the Assailant? (Episode I)

The Who Is The Killer game follows traditional English detective principles. Every day, someone dies, and you must determine who is responsible. Everyone has a similar mystery tale from the past. Everyone might have a reason to do this. And you only have seven days to catch the killer. Review of Who Is the Killer app

  • Every day, a fresh murder occurs.
  • Several unique mini-games
  • An old mystery tale
  • For those who like to think, this is an original game.
How to download mystery game on Icloud of the Iphone
How to download mystery game on Icloud of the Iphone

How to download mystery game on Icloud of the Iphone?

If you are looking for a mystery manor game to download for your iPhone or iPad, then you may want to check out Mystery Manor. This app is free to download and features a variety of puzzles and hidden objects that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Once you have downloaded the app, simply open it up and start playing. You can also save your progress and share your achievements with friends via social media if you so desire.

Mystery manor game free download for pc
Mystery manor game free download for pc

Mystery manor game free download for pc.

Is Mystery Manor offline?

Mystery Manor is a popular app that has been downloaded over 1 million times. However, many users have reported that the app is now offline. Some users are reporting that they are unable to open the app at all.

Others are reporting that the app crashes when they try to open it. It is unclear what is causing the issue, but it is possible that Mystery Manor may be offline for good.

How do you play Mystery Manor?

In Mystery Manor, you play as a detective investigating a crime in a haunted manor. To progress through the game, you must use your logic and deduction to solve puzzles and catch the bad guys.

As you progress, the manor becomes more and more dangerous, so be careful not to get caught in the traps or killed by the ghosts!

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the most popular hidden object game will likely vary depending on what type of person you are. However, some popular hidden object games that may be enjoyed by many people include: “Mystery Manor” (Free), “The Secret Garden” (Free), and “Crystal Maze” (Free).

What is the best free hidden object game?

There are many great hidden object games available for free on the internet, but which is the best? Some of the most popular free hidden object games include Mystery Manor, Farm Frenzy, and Hidden Legends.

All three of these games offer a lot of different activities and puzzles to keep you entertained for hours on end. If you’re looking for a good free hidden object game to try out, these are definitely worth your time!


What is the best mystery app?

There are many mystery apps out there to choose from, but which is the best one? It really depends on what you’re looking for in a mystery app. If you’re looking for an app that will keep you entertained with interesting puzzles and stories, then the popular Mycroft Holmes app might be the perfect choice for you.

However, if you’re more interested in learning about history and famous people, then the History Mystery app might be a better choice for you. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which mystery app is best for you.

What is Trymystery?

Trymystery is a free mystery manor game for pc. You play as the new owner of a mysterious manor, and your goal is to solve the mysteries hidden within the estate. There are multiple ways to approach each puzzle, and you can explore every nook and cranny of the property to find clues.

If you’re stuck, you can consult the helpful hints that are scattered throughout the manor. Trymystery is a fun way to spend an afternoon, and it’s great for people who love puzzles and mystery stories.

What is the best free mystery game?

There are many mystery games out there, but which is the best one? There are plenty of options to choose from, so it can be hard to decide. However, if you’re looking for a free mystery game that’s both challenging and fun, then you should try Mystery Manor.

This game has several different levels of difficulty, so you can customize your experience. Additionally, the graphics are top-notch and the gameplay is addicting.

Who is the killer app game?

The Killer App Game is a new mystery manor game for pc that has been making waves on the internet. Players take on the role of a detective trying to solve the mystery at Mystery Manor. The game is full of twists and turns, and it’s sure to keep players hooked for hours on end.


If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned mystery, then be sure to check out these popular Manor games. They’re sure to keep you entertained for hours on end!

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