You Can Raise Chickens

It’s nice to have your own chickens and it’s not surprising that so many people are doing just that , in their own backyard.

The chickens will supply you with fresh eggs each day, and depending on how many you have, with enough to sell to shops or at the local market.

I think eggs must be one of my favourite foods. They are just so tasty ” and so versatile. There are so many ways an egg can be cooked ” boiled, fried, poached to name just a few. And that’s not even mentioning all their uses in baking cakes, quiches etc.

I’m a city dweller and I eat eggs regularly. The eggs that I normally get in grocery stores or supermarkets are OK – but have you tasted the real free-range varieties?

I usually spend a weekend in the country with my mom, every five or six weeks. And she always seems to have a supply of “free free range” eggs at the ready. She gets them from a local farmer who calls to the door. Now these eggs are about as far from battery eggs as it’s possible to get.

And boy do I enjoy those eggs. Theres just no comparison with shop eggs, bless them. And I have my doubts if shop eggs (even the free-range variety) are really free-range.

I think that I have this discernment because I grew up eating delicious eggs like these. On the farm where I grew up, we had our own brood of chickens, and I suppose I got the taste for the eggs. It stays with you I guess.

And it’s quite easy to get started with your own chickens. That’s one of the big attractions. With a back garden of a reasonable size, you could soon build a coop at a reasonable price, and get a few chickens who will call your place home! Not to mention – the daily supply of fresh eggs.

And I think that it’s hard not to get attached to the chickens – they can be so endearing. You can of course keep them for the eggs, but they can turn out to be like pets!

I kid you not ” I could watch chickens for ages ” I find them fascinating. They put a smile on my face ” between the noises they make and the movements they make with their heads.

They are all individuals – some are bold and boisterous, others are more reserved and timid. And each one likes to announce the laying of an egg!

There are many different greeds to choose from, and some beautiful colors like Blue Andalusians and Golden Campines, and various Leghorn (including white) varieties.

You can treat them as pets if you wish, but they will keep laying eggs anyway. I can’t think of another pet that will give “something back” to you!

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