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Telepathic communication is essentially the transfer of thoughts, emotions, or feelings between two people, using nothing but the power of the mind.

Interestingly enough, a certain amount of telepathic ability is present in virtually all people. However, it’s unfortunate that the vast majority of people have no idea as to how to control this ability on a conscious level. While practically everyone experiences some telepathic activity on a subconscious level from time to time, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could control this ability as and how we see fit, in order to communicate.

Have you ever been walking down the road feeling as though you are on top of the world, only to bump into someone you know, and to discover they are feeling depressed and miserable? Within just a short space of time your own mood will have changed to be more in line with that person’s mood. Even so, there is still much skepticism regarding the use of mind power.

The reason for this being; it’s not the words themselves which are solely to blame, but it’s also the transfer of that person’s feelings and emotions, as they were received by your subconscious mind.

In recent scientific studies, it’s been determined that if someone accesses their subconscious mind and then learns to direct their thoughts and feelings towards another specific individual, dormant telepathic abilities can be brought back to life.

As with our regular form of communication, we are taught as children by our parents and teachers. Not only do our elders teach us the art of speech, but they also teach us body language. In fact, so effective is this method of teaching that we even learn to speak using the same accents. Unfortunately, we only learn to communicate in the ways which we are taught.

However, what would life be like to day if our parents and teachers had taught us to use the “other ability”? Because we have never been taught how to communicate with our minds, we lack that ability, but that’s not to say that we cannot still go ahead and develop the skill.

Here are some things you can try in order to awaken your telepathic ability:

Developing Your Mental Muscle

It only stands to reason that in order to master the art of telepathic communication, we need to strengthen and develop our telepathic muscle in much the same way as children need to develop their voice boxes, and the ability to control the way they use their mouths.

Interestingly enough, that part of your brain which controls telepathic communication, functions at its best on a subconscious level which is similar to a trancelike state. In essence, this trancelike state is simply a level deep relaxation which all humans can achieve with relative ease.

The easiest way to reach a hypnotic state, is by learning how to relax your mind. Once you can successfully reach this point whenever you want, you will have managed to have trained your mind to be controlled at will.

Learning to Focus

Admittedly, when one is in a trancelike state of mind, if can be rather difficult learning how to stay focused. The next time you manage to achieve a state of deep relaxation, try to focus exclusively on someone you’d like to contact, or have contact with.

You need to picture this person in your mind together with happy thoughts. You then need to imagine this person actually receiving all those thoughts and feelings you’re trying to transfer across. The length of time that you need to remain focused will depend on how long you feel it takes to make a connection.

The next step requires you to cut your focus off completely in order to end the contact. This step is vital as it will cause the other person to realize the connection has been lost, and in turn they will try and make contact with you.

The reason why it is advisable for you to practice focusing while you’re on your own, is so that when the time comes for you to practice with a partner, your mind will already be conditioned to receive images, thoughts, feelings, and impressions.

Practicing With a Partner

Once you have a partner, the two of you need to decide which one will be the sender, and which one will be receiving. Ideally, the sender should only attempt to project images of simple things, preferably of things which are brightly colored and easy to recognize.

On the other hand, the receiver should always keep a pen and paper nearby in order to make a note of any impressions or thoughts they receive.

When you reach the end of your training session, the two of you should go ahead and compare notes in order to establish how many impressions were correct. You can be a rest assured that the more times you practice, the better you will get.

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