Yard Sales, Mardi Gras And More

Alabama is not the boring state some folks put it to be. You have a lot of festivals and hangouts to go around with, and this is something that most folks in Alabama can be quite proud of. With a toothy grin of course. Popular of these major attractions is the Mardi Gras, an internationally renowned event of colors, music and unrestrained revelry; this festival has actually started in Mobile. Not in New Orleans as most people assumed it would be. The festival starts right off after Easter, so it’s timely when breaking off from your abstinence. The Mardi Gras of Alabama is probably the most popular amongst its other lesser known festivals, complete with balls and festive parades, reception and booths that are packed with different cuisine gathered from varying regions.

The National Shrimp Festival is also here in Alabama, around fall at the time when these sea critters be a-plenty. More than hundreds of thousands of food lovers, gastronomes, and critics make the pilgrimage to Alabama to immerse themselves in this smorgasbord of food, art and entertainment. After all, shrimp festivals also deal with anything related to shrimps. Like, shrimp art, anyone?

Another Alabama-brand food festival you’re sure to not miss is the Alabama Peanut Festival. Dothan is well known for the peanuts that they grow outside their borders, and the whole supply of peanuts provide for at least a good percentage of the US population. Thus, during fall when the leaves turn orange, the largest peanut festival is held and everyone gathers here for some quality time with their favorite nuts (pun intended). Hundreds of thousands visit the festival and fair during this endeavor.

Garage and yard sales are also distinguished here. As a matter of fact, Alabama boasts the world record for “World’s Longest Yard Sale”. And that’s quite a feat. This yard sale actually draws visitors not only from distant neighborhoods, but from even countries around the world. Talk about marketing and all that!

The whole port spans a good 654 miles, nothing but a sea of tables and tents and if you want to finish browsing everything, you’d have to take lodging at the nearest cabins, hotels or camp it out for the night. It’s a pretty good idea actually. You get to see the country side AND you get to chance on some bargains too. And with quite a distance on those bargain tables, I’m sure you’ll hit on one.

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