Writing and Using Press Releases for Your Business

There are people throughout the Internet Marketing community who are insisting that press releases are “over”. The usual problem is that people will only use free services, terribly written copy, and expect a miracle with the garbage they are sending out.

Of course, the lack of hard work didn’t keep them from expecting giant returns. And boy were they disappointed! It is important that you realize that if you want traffic to come to your website, and people to buy your offer, the press release that you send out needs to be properly crafted. We wrote this article to help you increase the probability of a press release bringing more traffic and income your way.

It is a bad idea to send your press release as an e-mail attachment to anyone. Most people do not open up attachments on e-mails. That’s why the strategy is going to fail.

Never, right? Obviously, you would not be the exception – right? If you really want to have success with targeting people in this manner, the press release has to be in the body of the e-mail only. To make sure that people read it, add a personalized message at the top. You can tell them why you are sending them the e-mail and then they will probably look at your material. Getting them to be curious is the key to your success. Once their curiosity is piqued, they will read what you have written. Typically, people will delete these kinds of messages. Doing this, they won’t. Just spending a minute or two doing this could make you lots of money. So you understand this concept? Hopefully you do! Writing successful press releases is super easy, but you must not deviate from the industry guidelines. The rule of thumb is for them to be a single page, and that is really more than enough for a PR. You have plenty to work with in that space and it is really fairly short. The reason for the format is because that is what news editors want to have. Above all, make your PR’s professional in every way and avoid being spammy, etc.

Almost everyone who went to elementary school learned about the “five W’s”. They are actually very straightforward – who, what, where, why, and when. These were used when writing your papers. Many students would also interject the “how” component of the story or paper. It is the proverbial “Golden rule” of writing press releases today. You are talking about a specific product or service. The press release will be much more comprehensible if you have the five W’s and “how” as part of what you are writing.

Releases should be regular. Every month would work just fine. Any more than that and people will be used to hearing from you and not pay as close attention. If they are spread out too far apart, you will appear sporadic at best. You need to remember to only distribute releases when you have to. By doing so, your popularity, along with your content, will be openly received. While you are working to build your business, however, regular distribution can help with traffic, SEO and more. Plus, it’s an achievable goal to do this once a month. Isn’t it? Most people who read your press release will not respond if it is just junk content. But learning how to write them in the correct format is simple. We have offered you a few tips about them, but there’s more that you must know so be sure to find out. So now you have to learn how to write them and what to say in them.

Mitchell Bitsko


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