Writing About Home Businesses: 9 Accommodation Address Service

This is a business proposition presenting an attractive level of profits for very little effort expended.

A business operated from home, with few overheads, here we also have something which can be operated with very little time and space at one’s disposal.

The service provided is that of allowing others to have their mail forwarded to your own or your business address. Often the reason is one of protecting the customers’ own privacy; at other times it’s because customers live in accommodation that isn’t their own, and from which they have no absolute entitlement to operate a business.

All you do is allow customers to use your address, following which you will have their mail forwarded to them on a prearranged basis.

Take a look at the many advertisements offering such services in ‘Exchange and Mart’, and the scope will no doubt become apparent, particularly where an attractive city centre or decidedly rural address can be offered. It may be that certain customers will have particular requirements; some might want their post forwarding daily; some by recorded post; some will be happy with a weekly delivery. Your charges will be dependent upon what specific requirements might be expressed.

Contact a few already established accommodation address services for details of what charges and special facilities they operate.

Then make yours even better.

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