Writing About Home Businesses: 6 Toymaking


Toy making can range from very basic soft toys intended for heavy and frequent handling, to a range of specialised items intended more for decoration or celebratory reasons than play.

Into the latter category come such as the now highly successful Teddy Bear gift service which, operating on a national scale, produces customised teddy bears, sometimes with the name of the recipient hand embroidered on its clothing; sometimes dressed in a manner which would indicate the profession or employment of the recipient.  And so we have teacher teddies, traffic warden teddies, building site teddies and so on.

The same firm will also do a range of ‘teddies to hate’ and use for dubious purposes a effigies; again the poor old traffic warden features prominently in this section.  But perhaps the greatest part of this particular business is not only the highly personalised service involved, as much as the fact that each teddy comes complete with its own name, adoption certificate and usually is delivered by carrier instead of less personal postal service.

Have you noticed when cult figures creep onto our screens, that a similar variety finds its way almost instantly into the craft shops, this time in soft toy version?  Here we find Mickey Mouse and Minnie, Turtles, Marios, Care Bears and so on.  At local fetes, rallies, seaside resorts and anywhere potentially thousands of people congregate, sot toy makers or their representatives are there to provide for seemingly insatiable visitors’ needs.

Soft toys can be sold privately, by mail order, by party plan, or on commission to gents selling on the creator’s behalf.  Car boot fairs, fleamarkets, craft fairs and trade fairs also lend themselves more than adequately to the selling o such items.

Additionally many shops, craft and toy shops, are more than happy to carry your goods on a sale or return basis, with commission earned for every sale made on your behalf.

Into this section come the masses of wooden toys that prove so popular with younger and older children alike: building blocks, dolls houses, forts, rocking horses, and so on.

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