Writing About Home Businesses: 5 Picture Framing And Model Making


Here the demand is for high quality craftwork, which if it can also come at a realistic price, will command a steady stream of eager customers.  As for so many other craft and art services, a wealth of ‘how to’ books are available to guide the novice through to professional status as a picture framer.

Equipment need not eat too heavily into your capital and can be located in most of the major craftwork and model making magazines on the newsagents’ shelves, as well as in advertising publications, including ‘Exchange & Mart’.

Customers might come from the general public, via advertisements placed in the press or in shop windows.  You might instead provide a service to local artists and art shops, photographers, antique shops selling antique prints, print and poster shops and so on.

You might instead start in the really lucrative field of selling antique prints, posters and early advertising material at local antiques and collectors’ fairs.  The service of someone to colour your material before you frame it will again find a great many customers flocking to your stall.

Many individuals known personally to the author, operate this service via mail order, from their homes or from traditional retail premises.

Other skills from which to make money from home, whether on a self-employed or outworker basis, include model making, for which a variety of options exist, ranging from toy soldiers, to chess sets, model cottages and so on.

One highly enterprising individual turned his love of old buildings into an extremely profitable enterprise, designing and crafting miniature designs of local historical interest, which were then transformed into moulds for the making, painting and selling of miniature designs.

Selling takes place at car boot fairs, fleamarkets and collectors’ fairs, through the post from press advertisement, and in many shops and crafts stalls operating in the locality.

The business is set to expand into creating models of famous locals, living or dead, but nevertheless preserved for posterity via this talented model maker’s skills.

Sewing, knitting, dressmaking, quilting and embroidery – are all skills that lend themselves equally to profitable business ventures, as a glance through any of the magazines dedicated to craft working enthusiasts will testify.

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