Writing About Home Businesses: 4 Jewellery


Jewellery is another craft product which can take on many varied forms, from inexpensive and sometimes gimmicky ornamentation, to expensive and just as elaborate and highly personalised creations.

It’s another craft for which a wealth of appropriate ‘how to’ publications, craftwork periodicals, local authority and correspondence courses exist.  In the pages of the many craft workers’ publications on the newsagents shelves, as well as in the perennial advertising favourite ‘Exchange & Mart’, there are hoards of complete business packages awaiting those interested in making money from jewellery making.

Selling can take place in person, from sales on commission to local craft and jewellery shops, car boot and craft fairs, by party plan, at fleamarkets and trade fairs, and so on.  For many, the answer is to sell wholesale packages of finished items to those intent instead on selling the end products themselves at any of the venues mentioned here.

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