Writing About Home Businesses: 12 Baby Sitting Or Childminding Service

Not something you might want to offer yourself as a personal service, but rather one in which you can act as co-ordinator.


You would be a co-ordinator between persons requiring a baby sitting service and those prepared to offer their services as attendants.

As co-ordinator of so vital and important a list of potential baby sitters, it will be one of your major responsibilities to ensure the suitability of those you place on your list.  Mature teenagers, adults of both sexes, teachers and nurses, are usually likely to feature amongst your most reliable ‘workers’; but be careful and always make assessment of suitable candidates one of your primary objectives.

Your services can be advertised in the press, in local shop windows, to mother and toddler clubs, in maternity clinics and hospitals, even children’s clothes shop windows.

Usually you will be required to do is maintain an efficient appointments diary, and perhaps keep a reserve of ‘on call’ baby-sitters who might jump in at the last minute to cover emergency situations.  Cash is usually paid to the person dropping the baby-sitter at the client’s door, with accounts submitted for time over and above that initially paid for.

Baby-sitters themselves might be paid on a weekly or monthly hour-related basis.

Rigid rules and regulations not unnaturally govern all those responsible for children’s welfare.  Contact your local Department of Social Services before you set out in this highly lucrative and much in demand business venture.


A little like baby sitting, but here children are usually cared for in childminders’ homes.  Again rigid rules govern those responsible for children’s welfare, details of which are available from local Social Services offices.

Children are usually cared for during the day, often because both parents go out to work.  Occasionally the childminder’s services are required on an emergency basis only, perhaps during parents’ illness or incapacity.

Register your services with the local Department of Social Services who will send out representatives to investigate your suitability for this work.  Nothing untoward is required other than a safe haven for other people’s children.

Advertising can take place by much the same methods as those outlined under ‘Baby Sitting Agency’.

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