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Martin Archery Bows. Ref: cannonsports.com

Martin archery was founded in 1951 by Gail and Eva Martin. It is one of the world’s oldest developer and manufacturer of archery bows and accessories, and its bows are known the world over as the fastest and most accurate of bows. All Martin bows are not just archery equipment but a masterful work of art.

The most commonly favored bows used by target archers and bow hunters alike are the traditional bow and compound bow. All bows are designed to store their energy within its limbs, with handles or risers that are attached to their limbs. Longbows can be made from one individual wood and can be crafted very easily and quickly. An average bowyer can craft a longbow in a matter of ten to twenty hours at the most, while skilled bowyers are able to make one in just a matter of hours.

The longbow is a kind of bow that is much different than a recurve and flat bows, as its limbs are narrower, having a cross-section that is circular or D-shaped. It can be as tall as the archer who’s using it, allowing it to be drawn fairly long at least to the point of the archer’s jaw. Longbows have been used for game hunting, for war, and for competition by the world’s many cultures.

On the other hand, the compound bow is a modern type of bow made out of aluminum and magnesium and is rather more rigid in design compared to other bows. It uses a leveraging system from cams, cables. The compound bow is lightweight and durable, making it an ideal archery equipment of choice for most target archers and bow hunters alike.

Martin Archery is a well-known expert in compound bows as they’ve been at it now for more than 58 years. Over the course of their business, Martin has an outstanding 25 patents credited to their name, including the famous Vibration Escape Module, Double Helix Bowstrings, Teflon Plated Cable Guards, Core Flex Limbs to name a few that has made a lasting mark on the design of the compound bow. Their compound bow lines are the Pro Series: Warthog, Firehawk, Firecat Pro-X, MOAB Pro Hunter, S4 Scepter; and the Gold Series: the Bengal, Cheetah, Leopard, Mystic, and Saber.

Using a Martin archery bow – traditional or compound can always bring utmost satisfaction and pride to any avid target archer or serious woodland bowhunter.

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