Why You Need A Great Name For Your Company

CrowdsceneWhy You Need A Great Name For Your Company

Entrepreneurs find picking out the best name a tedious process. The chosen name ought to be easy to remember by consumers and symbolize your company characteristics and values. Also go for a name that is unique from your competitors’ names.

To satisfy all of these criteria, you should opt for an easy to spell and also pronounce name. Make certain the name you choose is easily recognized by consumers. Having to explain the meaning or even pronunciation of your company name, only devalues your brand.

While puns are excellent for company names, these are also rather risky to use. Even though a good pun could make your company name super sticky, stay away from names which are over used or way too cute. Remember not to copy names, be as creative and innovative while trying to find your company name.

It’s advisable to use a name that correlates with the product or services you have got to offer. So if you operate an ice-cream company, words connected with ice-cream like cone, spoon me or lick are wonderful to include in your name.

If you intend to, or have an online presence, you will need a domain name for your website. Search for names which you can use as both your domain and company name. It is great to have a shorter domain name; nevertheless it’s rather difficult finding names that have less than six letters. This is because legitimate businesses or squatters already have taken most of these names.

Your company name may very well be a foreign word. To provide an example, you have Acer, which is a Latin word meaning sharp. It has always been recommended include keywords in your website name, however it’s not that good an idea.

It is depending on the existing Google algorithms that there is a greater chance of your website receiving more traffic simply by including keywords and phrases in your name. However since algorithms keep changing, it’s safer to get keyword landing pages that are connected to your main page.

That being said if you are undergoing a company formation in Singapore, you have to not only pay attention to legal formalities of company incorporation Singapore, you also have to choose the right name to use during the company incorporation process.


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