Why The Sickness With Miracle Mineral Supplement?

Mineral Suppliment. Ref: ourhealth.com.au

Mineral Suppliment. Ref: ourhealth.com.au

The elimination or cleansing of pathogens or toxins from the body will inevitably lead to a healing crisis. Though many people do want to enhance their over all health, they say that they do not want to feel worse before starting to feel well.

What we normally fail to keep in mind is that when we feel worse before feeling better has already been well recognized, known as “The Herxheimer Reaction.” The Herxheimer Reaction is a brief reaction that includes detoxification within the body for a short duration (few days to weeks).

Such reaction was named “The Herxheimer Reaction”, which is actually a sign that the body had responded to the treatment. Feeling worse before feeling better after detox treatment is one of the well-documented effects of assisted body detox.

In fact, this is a usual and positive reaction that specifies the elimination of fungus, viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic stressors from the system.

The common mistake that most individuals commit is when they cease the supplement or medication they are supposed to take to help drive the response from the body. Consequently, they also stop the treatment that is meant to actively make them feel better while undergoing the detoxification process. Even though this process has been recognized, the Herxheimer Reaction must lead its way in order to win through the side of health and strength.

Generally we tend to contract a number of harmless and not so harmless organisms throughout our lives. These organisms are an eclectic mix of harmful, not so harmful and neutral organisms which tend to accumulate in our bodies. As a result we hardly recognize or even take notice of these pathogenic stressors which start living in our bodies and only realize it when the effects start to show or when we start to age. This can be attributed to bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle and even various kinds of virus and bacteria and other pathogens.

Most pathogens can’t stand chlorine dioxide molecule hence the moment this molecule comes in contact with them, they are eliminated. Many a times the nausea is a by product of the over working of the elimination systems of the body.

Generally the liver is the place where all toxins are eliminated. Hence when the liver gets overloaded, the body is told to relax a bit which is signaled in the form of nausea. Though nausea is not a well tolerated condition and even experienced in low doses, it’s important to realize that this is a positive sign and heralds the advent of great health once these toxins are eliminated.

As one of the body’s effective detox aids, chlorine dioxide is a strong precursor to vitality and health. Aside from preventing diseases, it helps flush out years-worth of accumulated toxins from the body.

MMS is different from other medications since it just remains and works in the body for some hours to eliminate toxins before it itself starts disintegrating without leaving any kind of side effects or chemical products in the body.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement by Jim Humble packs a solid punch!

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