Why Spanish Immersion Is The Best Way To Learn Spanish

Ref: learn-spanish-in-latin-america.com

There are a lot of reasons why people want to learn Spanish. For one, it belongs to what we call the Romance languages. Although they certainly sound romantic, they started being called “Romance languages” (sometimes, Romance languages are referred to as Neo-Latin languages, Romanic languages, or Latin languages), which is a collective name for all the languages that are descendants of the Latin language, the ancient language of Rome. There are almost seven hundred million native speakers of Romance languages all over the world, mainly in the United States, Africa, Europe, and other small regions.

The major Romance languages are French, Italian, Catalan, Romanian, Portuguese, and Spanish. According to a comprehensive research done and just recently released by SIL International’s Ethnologue, which is the comprehensive reference that catalogs all the known languages in the world today and has been doing it for more than fifty (50) years now, the Spanish language is the native language of approximately three hundred and twenty-nine million (329,000,000) people all over the world, mainly from the Americas and Asia and Africa. It is the second most widely-spoken language in terms of population, spoken in forty-four (44) countries, next only to Chinese, which is spoken by over one billion people and is concentrated only in China. English is a very close 3rd, having three hundred and twenty-eight million (328,000,000) speakers and is spoken in one hundred and twelve (112) countries.

Given these facts, a lot of people want to learn Spanish, and if you want to learn Spanish and your budget is big, a Spanish immersion is the most effective way to do it. Today, there are lots of companies offering Spanish immersion classes anywhere in the world because of the demand for it.

Why is a Spanish immersion the most effective way to learn Spanish? It is because when you are in a Spanish immersion class, you will only be allowed to speak in Spanish or is going to be encouraged to speak in Spanish all throughout the duration of the course. Learning it in a Spanish-speaking country would also be advantageous since a part of your Spanish immersion program would be to have you immersed with a Spanish-speaking family and may also be given a chance to actually live with them, giving you a clearer picture of how the Spanish language is being spoken in normal, everyday living, which is most of the time much more effective than learning Spanish in the classroom.

A Spanish immersion program, although it is going to really be more expensive than a traditional learn Spanish class, will really be able to give you more benefits. Why? Because it will be able to make you the language and the rich culture behind it first-hand, making learning not only effective but enriching at the same time.

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