Who Says It’s Not Perfect?

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Traditionally, when a book was updated and revised it was re printed and published as a second, third or fourth edition. It was basically the same thing as publishing the first edition, but with slight revisions or correction.

No need to obsess and worry about creating the perfect product, doing so can hinder your future and in many cases lead to self-doubt and confidence issues resulting in you not releasing your work which is very dangerous. What if you had the next ‘Harry Potter’ or were to become the next Beatles but because you thought your work was not perfect you held it back from public consumption?

And it is that getting it ‘out there’ that can make you your money, build your name and brand. Your first project will not only be your hardest to complete as you are probably working on a complete new territory but it will also be your worst. Sorry to say that but it is true and it needs to be said.

You will have held yourself back from living the dream life you have wanted for many years, and it was simply down to you. Some of the biggest songs in history have been simple songs that were penned for a laugh or as a joke or even just for personal enjoyment not intended for release but when they were they became worldwide hits to the surprise of the artist.

Obviously you want to aim at doing the best job possible but not over worry or obsess. Many artists, writers and musicians will not release their work to the public because they deem it ‘no good’ or that it is ‘not perfect’ which is ridiculous because the world is full of popular and successful works that to many are ‘not good’ but fortunately for those who loved them, the creators released it.

Think of all of the singers, bands, songs, styles of music, books, TV shows and films that you hate but are very successful, how many of them are far from perfect in your opinion and yet they are loved by hundreds of thousands of people if not millions.

I am not just talking about product creation such as writing eBooks or music, I mean everything, you could be skilled at making and decorating cakes wanting to start a baking business but do not because you believe your skills are not yet perfect or maybe you are an accountant but don’t believe you could be successful if you go it alone. Whatever it is, striving for perfection can often do more harm than good.

Se we suggest you forget about perfection, create something good and get it out there, create another and get that out there too and before you know it you could be on your way to growing that perfect business!

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