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Meeting Travellers. Ref: happiness-cafe.com

While traveling you meet many people from different backgrounds and places. You bond with them during the journey and once you get done with your destination, you probably won’t see them again. This is the bittersweet side of travel. For a brief instant, everything was perfect but now they are gone. You always have the memories though. People are social animals so we need to be around others. You go around the world looking to meet people from different areas. You look for relationships, friends, and travel companions.

Car sharing is a great way to meet other people. Not only do you get to make new friends with other long term travelers, but you can also cut down your travel expenses as you are now sharing transportation costs. You can find ads for car shares on travel websites or hostel boards. These car shares are especially popular in really big countries like Australia, New Zealand, and North America where there isnt as many trains as in Europe.

Long train rides provide a good chance for people to meet travelers. There are many tourist buses around the world and these are filled with travelers. On these long journeys, people get bored. You can fill your time by talking to the other travelers on the bus or train and find out about them. You might even make a new travel partner or friend for your destination.

One of the best places to meet people is a hostel. This is ground zero for meeting other travelers. Many travelers travel solo and use hostels to meet other people. You stay in dorms, you talk to people in the common area, you have drinks with them at the bar. There is no better place to meet people and this is why they are so popular with travelers. They are cheap and a great place to meet people.

Hostels are also good because they help you book trips and tours which can help facilitate your meeting of other travelers. If you are shy or nervous about going up to people and talking to them, these trips can make things easier. You are with some people and you can talk about the trip. The guide can also act as an icebreaker and help get people talking. Tours are great for shy people.

Time on the road is filled with meeting people. You will always find yourself meeting people in the most unlikeliest of places. Solo travelers are often nervous when they first start traveling. They wonder how they will meet people and if they will have fun. On the road it is do or die and most people do. Youll find people talk to you as much as you talk to them. So dont worry and remember there are many places to meet travelers.

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