When What and Why FlexKom

Who is FlexKom

The FlexKom Group

Initial development of August 2010
Currently has 53 permanent employees
own programming team
Experienced international management team
Currently, 43,000 franchisees and about 2 million loyalty cards (In the test, Turkey)
FlexKom Europe GmbH, Stuttgart / Holzgerlingen
FlexKom International AG Turkey: Istanbul FlexKom
Currently, Phase 1 construction in Europe D / CH / A / NL / BE / F / UK
Start the whole of Europe in 2013
Target: 40 countries in 5 years & 200 million customers

Behind FlexKom are internationally experienced network marketing entrepreneurs who have built up since 1993, more than 200,000 distributors and 3 million registered customers. FlexKom is now active in seven European countries in the market. We have in recent years made ​​the experience that the e-commerce in Turkey has experienced a real boom. Our goal is, in the light of our concept, this success to bring from Turkey to Europe.

In the next 7 years, we expect up to 30 million e-commerce customers in Turkey, which all want to get a share as independent contractors and are willing to share the success concept to share with others. Brought to market in Turkey will soon connect to our system all e-commerce center to a large Flexkom network: the company FlexKom International, the individual FlexKom-Komsumenten/-Kunden, the online community and online Marketing Organization Store. FlexKom is the most effective way, a strong customer base through network marketing (recommendations from person to person) to build. By smart business strategies and reference-based programs all parties benefit for their recommendations by the marketing-oriented reward. This goal is the FlexKom network to make its e-commerce companies to the largest direct selling companies. The company’s strategy is based on the continued expansion of the customer base. The main work is based on the particular shopping portal and is directly related to the size of the customer base. FlexKom used the first base to new markets, creating by the traditional direct sales model, a large network. This is a quick and inexpensive way to build a large, loyal customer base overall. Each distributor gets this model provided by the company in order to generate profits faster. Premium Suppliers of FlexKom receive a share of the revenue from their customer base paid.

Order in the direct selling industry to still be successful, you FlexKom offers in addition to providing the tools and support its sales, the portal FlexKom.org the FlexKom Networking Academy – an established training platform. FlexKom Networking Academy includes the largest and most comprehensive training program in the industry. The Academy provides its users that can come from all sectors of the industry, an easy-to-understand and well-organized system. With online multimedia presentations and a step-by-step guide covers all aspects of the curriculum of direct sales activity and shows the users on the latest trends and marketing solutions. This Academy structure that is treated different topics, not just for industry beginners, but also for all managers wishing to engage with the progress toward a successful future.

Business Model

The business model FlexKom offers special opportunities to earn money, how else would any other distributor. With special offers for individual customers and distributors, certain goods and services are traded far below the market price. The only thing FlexKom distributors must operate actively and with enthusiasm and commitment, it is the people imagine FlexKom shopping experience. All consultants work every day with the same business tools in a fun and safe online environment. Price promotions and new products will be promptly communicated through the portal and hit sooner or later directly to the right prospects.

FlexKom the compensation plan is as simple as secure. The distributors can generate your income in two ways: 1 by the mere recommendation of products to potential customers around the world or 2 with the establishment of its own international distribution network. FlexKom-Online is a “global” Internet shopping portal. The business so there are no borders or time zones in the way. In the FlexKom business model is not about selling a single product, but rather special about the special sales idea whose time has come: the customer-based e-commerce. This sales model offers people around the world the opportunity to find potential new partners, only through the online access of a single customer.

PASSIVE INCOME The concept of passive income sources is practiced in many industries: industrial, music and film industries (license fees and user charges), insurance agents and recommendations of investors in bond funds, real estate investors, photographers (Image fees), software designers, computer game developer and network operators. About creating sales structures single person can through the use of time, effort and resources create a separate sales channel that can increase sales. This model generates additional bonuses and commissions by the system of duplication. The majority of people who start at FlexKom start the business part-time in their spare time and can thus generate more flexible hours a corresponding additional income. The more successful they manage the business, the more likely they are entering the Hauptberuflichkeit in Network. According to statistics from leading experts about 95 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years. Have a lower risk of this franchise, that attach themselves to a proven and successful business concept and work according to the given philosophy and the sales plan. Many professionals from all economic and living areas are not just looking for more money, but also cherish the ‘abstract’ desire for more freedom and independence. What is the point of making a lot of money if you have no chance to enjoy this? So, how you can earn residual income FlexKom? The customer is the most important foundation of our business – so to speak, the source of life of our system.

The coordinators in turn act as a guide and receive their passive income. FlexKom in an exemplary manner has created a system in which only the practiced online and the real commercial products and not be self-generated. Under the central identifier Index – FlexKom International there are tens of thousands of items of everyday consumption, many of which are particularly cheap brand products, which are marketed through a modern network of distributors. On turnover and the recommendation of each client participates FlexKom Coordinator (franchisees) with an active and passive income. The special combination of online trading and real trading business provides each distributor additional active and passive income. This system is extremely safe and is supported solely by the latest technology. FlexKom offers its customers, distributors and SME excellent support with this concept in all areas. Our franchisees we provide the knowledge and the necessary tools to become successful and to remain so. The FlexKom distributor can easily build from his home office in an almost infinite number FlexCard customers that make both online and in real trade / services sales and even profit from these sales directly. Learn the sensational FlexKom business model now know. Your personal FlexKom coordinator invites you happy to become one of the held daily webinars or to be held in your area Flexkom business presentation.

Coordinator: Perry Estelle Flexkom@tintota.com

More info: flexkom.tintota.com/partner.htm

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