What’s Your Why?

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Hi, folks,

What’s your why?

If you’ve read 5 Bucks a Day Revisited, you know what I mean, but if you didn’t yet, here’s the Cliffs Notes version of what I just asked…

A goal without a why just isn’t as effective as one that has one attached.

In other words, you need to internalize just why you want to achieve what you want to achieve.

For years I wanted to make more money, and I wanted to close my warehouse operation that was doing nothing but breaking even. It took probably 8 to 12 hours a week of my time, plus the paperwork and worry about an employee, insurance, payroll taxes, all that, just to keep something going that didn’t make a profit. I never wanted to run a non-profit organization, obviously. Plus it added a lot of stress and complexity to my life when I wanted to plan a vacation or something. Ugh.

So when Rachel and I partnered, I decided I really wanted to close the warehouse, but I also didn’t want to lay off my employee, who was in late 60’s and would have a hard time finding work elsewhere. It worried me, and this is how I solved the problem…

I decided to set a why goal of a monthly income figure that I needed to reach, and the reason why I wanted to reach it was so that I could shut down the warehouse and continue to pay my employee’s wages.

Not long after finally deciding on my why, I reached the income goal, and closed down the warehouse at the end of March 2011. I never felt so liberated. Goals are great, but having a why attached is powerful stuff. I highly recommend you come up with one to attach to your most important income goals.

What’s your why?

What do you REALLY want to achieve?

That’s a big question, isn’t it?

I don’t expect you to answer it right off the top of your head, though maybe you can already. Often a why isn’t just about you. For example… maybe your “why” to earn more money is so that you can afford to send your son or daughter to medical school, because they’ve dreamed of being a doctor all their lives, and though they’d still love you until the end of time if you couldn’t provide that, you want to be able to do that for them.

Maybe you want to move out of your current house to a larger one, in a better section of town, or to a different part of the country. Maybe you want to take your spouse on a luxury cruise because you’ve both been working hard all your lives and you want to just get away and rekindle your romance. Maybe you want to just take your current job and shove it.

What’s your why?

Now what’s your way?

I firmly believe that if you have a powerful why, you’ll find a way to reach it. Even if you’ve failed to do so previously. I’ve seen it happen many times with myself and others.

Inside 5 Bucks a Day Revisited, I said this…

No why. No way.

I mean that from the bottom of my heart. And once you do find your why, the way will find you.

For example… Let me share one idea with you.

Back in 2009, when things weren’t quite going so well for me as they are now, I made a decision that I told myself I might regret. I couldn’t afford it at the time, but I found a way, and it led me to (a year and a half later) fulfilling my why that I told you about earlier.

I purchased Daily Seminar from Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank for $32,000. At the time I had no clue what I would do with it, but I knew I wanted it. It took a long time before I was able to say that I broke even from that investment, but I did it.

For over a year it was what business people call an underperforming asset. Then after Rachel and I started brainstorming, we turned it around. How would you like to be able to use the Daily Seminar product as a way to reach your own why goal?

I paid $32,000, and I’m thrilled that I did.

Looking back, it was a bargain at that price.

You… you won’t have to pay even 1% of that price. You won’t have to take the risk that I took.

I’ve sold private label rights licenses to the content in the past, and I’m alerting you now to the opportunity, maybe for the last time.

==> Daily Seminar

Daily Seminar has 165 individual pieces (mini seminar sessions, each including a video, audio, iPod version, and transcript) that can be sold individually, or in small groups of 3 to 5 related pieces, or all as one big product. Just about all the seminars are on evergreen topics in the Internet marketing niche.

The easiest way to profit would be to sell them in smaller chunks, and the number of combinations that you can get out of 165 pieces is huge, so competition for the combinations that you choose won’t be a lot, no matter how many licenses I sell. I’m still making money from the content, I’ve sold many thousands of dollars worth of bundles on dime sales even after I started selling the licenses to others. There was one individual seminar that I profited with to the tune of around $2,000. Yes, just one seminar out of the 165.

I’ve had several buyers tell me that they’ve made over $1000 profit in a week. All you’d have to do is sell 30 copies of a small bundle (3 to 5 videos) for $7 each and you’d make your money back. Or set up a membership site, like Daily Seminar was originally, and drip feed the content over the course of 6 to 12 months, and just 2 or 3 members would return your investment.

The original price of Daily Seminarwas $47 per month, by the way. Can I guarantee you’ll profit to that extent? No, I can’t, because I don’t know what you’ll do after you make the purchase, but the opportunity, as I said, is huge.

I doubt that you’ll ever find a more lucrative PLR licensing opportunity than you will with this one. Is this the way to your special why? For $97 plus shipping, can you afford to bypass the opportunity while it still exists?

==> Daily Seminar

Remember, I paid $32,000 for this exact same content, and I made my money back before I started selling private label rights licenses. Don’t you think you can make this much smaller amount back? Don’t you think you could use this as the way to your why? Don’t miss out, I want you to succeed.

Thanks for reading, and have a spectacular day.

Dennis Becker, the 5 Buck Guy

P.S. Be sure you understand the rights that you’ll receive with your license, I’m a fanatic about protecting of all the buyers. There’s more than enough profit potential in this for everyone.

==> Daily Seminar


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