“What to do at armageddon when ideas to survive may be unproven” A dystopian idea from perry estelle

By Perry Estelle, June 18th , 2013 12:48 pm
Are you Afraid of the Apocalypse? No need to be! A Tipi is the Best Survival Kit
We live in uncertain times. Climate change is now the biggest global threat. Whether we as a human can reverse the weather trends by our behavior, from now on, is still of huge debate amongst scientists and experts. One thing is significant. Dramatic weather change is now a part of our lives and that of our families.
So what would be the best possible action to take in the worst case scenario? Rising sea levels, tsunamis and earthquakes are becoming a daily event somewhere on this stricken planet.
What are your emergency measures if a tornado strikes?
Where do you go when your house is flooded?
What would you rescue first once your family are safe?
The need to survive is within all of us. The stress of finding warmth shelter food and fresh water is immense when your home is torn asunder. Do you stay put and hope rescuers will find you alive? Or do you prepare for the inevitable?
This is not some scare tactic, this is a taste of realism. Look at the news and see how millions every day are made homeless by extreme weather, war, natural disasters and eviction.
We all love our home but is it worth staying in if it endangers you and your loved ones in the face of horrific circumstances?
Tipi Heaven
Question: What can be erected quicker than an 8 man tent? Survives all weather because of its shape? Can be transported easily and has stood the test of time for centuries?
Answer: The humble Tipi.
Ok its not all doom and gloom here but we have to admit that in a nuclear winter we would not survive the night if we had no shelter!!
Here’s a little of how a simple structure may one day save your life.
The tipi, or teepee, is an ideal portable home, cool in summer and warm in winter. On a hot day the bottom of the cover can be raised to let a breeze blow through the shaded interior. In winter the heat from a small central fire is reflected from the slanting sides and keeps it warm.
A Tipi is a majestic and beautiful piece of simple yet ingenious architecture. In our view it takes its place in history with all historic wonders of construction.
Essentially ‘Tipi Heaven’ is a maverick mobile Tipi erection company that has operated in all parts of the UK and the Algarve. Catering for corporate events, school education, weddings, festivals, hospitality, re-enactments, Stag/Hen/Kids parties/sleepovers etc. Tipi Heaven is the only Tipi erection service of its kind that will travel all over the UK and Europe to assemble Tipis at an affordable price for private use.  Providing a full service means incorporating every facet of North American life from school education and business teambuilding to erecting one in a back garden for a teenager coming of age!
We have found over recent years that more and more green thinking individuals, young and old yearn for the Tipi experience. It grows in popularity year on year.  We take the view that peoples attitude towards a more eco-friendly leisure pursuit is evolving in a positive way. Folks as a whole have gravitated towards a leisure lifestyle that works in harmony with the environment to reduce carbon footprints, thus our generation appears more resolute and have taken some sensible lessons from our ancient predecessors on not wasting resources. Tipis and the Native North American way nourish this new-age thinking because of the respect the first indigenous tribes had for their homeland, the species within it and its life sustaining qualities.
“72% of our hire customers are under the age of 25 years!
That means Tipis appeal to a younger generation
more than ever before.!”
Our vision is to be part of a revival of a North American tradition.  Why? To celebrate this culture  and its vibrant history and the colourful diversity of customs in all their exciting art-forms.
“Red Indians” were far from the head scalping bloodthirsty savages depicted by early Hollywood movies.
They were artists, craftsmen and farmers.
They were astute entrepreneurs.
They worshipped the Sun and Earth and the Animal Kingdom.
They named themselves after the creature they hunted out of a deep respect to it as a life-giving resource.
They danced to imitate their killed prey because they admired the stealth of the Mountain lion and the majesty of the Eagle, the speed of the Pinto and the alert instinct of the Deer.
They were dependent on the wild creatures that roamed the Great Plains as they did and what better way to celebrate each beast but by mimicking them in their apparel and dance.
If you want to survive Armageddon or are just looking for a holiday break with a difference, one that stands out from the rest, then this may be just what you are looking for.
We can come and meet you and show you how to erect your own Tipi! info@tipi-heaven.co.uk
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By Perry Estelle, June 2, 2010 11:29 pm
Tipi Heaven
For many moons and as often as the Great Spirit allows I have celebrated Tipis.
I own several and take every opportunity to stay in one with my family and friends and enjoy what is almost a religious experience each time and a great thrill of an adventure is had by all without exception!
But first let me share with you a tiny insight to help you see and feel what it means to having your own tipi and getting the best from it.
The ancient nomads of the Native North Americans travelled from as far as the Baring Straights down through the Plains thousands of miles on their tribal path and surviving on their main vital currency the buffalo. ‘Upping sticks’, whenever they needed to. Where the buffalo migrated they followed. They hunted it for food and used every part of this majestic beast to serve their community. Even mashing the brains of this huge creature to seal the tipi inside that was initially covered by caribou hide. They chose the Tipi as a dwelling because it was easy to be horse drawn on its own poles. A Tipi (or Tepee), was easy to erect and a task generally chosen by the women of the tribe, and the Tipi had many features of interest that held advantages with their transient existence.
It was warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
This was because it was would trap heat in the winter. A firepit would keep the dwellers cosy as toast. In the Summer it became cool because the linings inside acted like a insulation with a gap to prevent the searing sun roasting the covering and any excess heat rose upwards inside the cavity and acted like a ‘heatsink conduit’ to disperse and dissipate unwanted heat outside the top thus reducing the temperature inside.
Later sail-like wings or pleats at the top were incorporated to act like a fire damper on a fire hearth in a house that you tweak to either draw air in or send smoke up and out.
In essence a tipi served as a huge chimney breast that dwellers could control the inside temperature just by using these damper type ‘pleats’ in harmony with wind direction much like you would tack into the wind while sailing. Two extra tipi poles held them at each side at directional angles to accomplish this simple technology that proved essential to prevent smoke suffocation and a constant ambient room temperature.
The tipi’s important shape
Its conicular shape was not only simple and effective as a comfy home but the ideal shape proved extremely aerodynamic while batted by the prevailing winds of the harsh plains. The tipi was exposed to winds blizzards and duststorms on many occasions. This pyramid-type cone meant that the wide base and narrowing girth as it protruded from the ground actually helped anchor it to the ground pressing it firmly down during a gale. The smooth circular surface acted like a ’spoiler’ holding it in place.
The ‘Mothers Skirt’
Some Native tribes called a Tipi a ‘Mothers skirt” because of its obvious resemblance. It represented security and was a maternal place of safety. It offered warmth and shelter and family togetherness.
The Tipi Experience
So how might a Tipi be a great addition to your family, perhaps? Well I could list many reasons but here are just few benefits and thrilling possibilities to consider.
A tipi is not like camping. But it can be used to camp in. Anywhere that is legal. The beach or the forest? You’re own back garden? It certainly turns heads. Everybody will stop and stare in wonder at your enchanting and rather mystical home.
It is spacious and offers wonderful diffused light in the morning rather than the cold plastic windows and net awnings of a regular tent.
Its eco-friendly and respects a well-respected ancient culture. You are constructing a piece of architecture of great historical importance wherever you go.
You only need a roof rack on your car to transport the poles. They can be erected quicker than a five man tent. They can be disassembled inside a half hour.
Tipis can be used for your own wedding, parties, sleepovers, extra accommodation and garden shade.
Predominantly, they are exquisite to look and staying in one is like one of those experiences everybody should try before they die. A talking point in the office on Monday for sure!
Kids love them!
Believe me when I say that when I have families arrive to stay in a Tipi for the first time the mums often get quite emotional and well, let’s just say, the look on the kids faces make my toil worthwhile.
Test a tipi for £30 in the heart of a UK forest for £30 first.
Before you buy one to own one as you may want to I would advise a ‘taster’ Tipi experience and if you wish to stay in a Tipi in the heart of forest…. by the Suffolk coast in the UK. A must feel the call of the wild.
Just email me in the first instance and get your own real ‘rustic retreat treat’ right now.. Discount for multi tipi buying available.
Visit Tipi Heaven www.Tipi-Heaven.co.uk

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