What Could You Get From ‘OneNote’

Microsoft OneNote is computer software that is intended to provide convenience in taking down notes and information that can be saved online or in the internet. This particular software enables people to customize their features including sticking notes and attaching images in a more practical and fun way.

This electronic digital notebook enables a person to store videos, photos, ideas, research, audios and also text. Exploring the different functions of this specific application allows users to get accustomed to its functions and commands or benefit from the ease of the application.

Special Functions

1. Notes taking – This allows you to take notes and place it in a notebook by capturing the screen. You can even convert it into a planner where you can check on things you should do and follow-up on essential matters.

2. Search Functionality – This specific function has made it easier to save media in a particular page. If a user should alter a certain note, he can use the search bar to look for it.

3. Text and Data Hyperlinking – This offers the best method to get information through hyperlinking. This can be done by copying the web address and pasting it on the notebook making sure that details are stored.

4. Formatting – This function provides people the option to pick from different templates which can be utilized in a gallery for data organization and storage. Such templates can be found in several categories just like decorative, calendar, business, blank, planner as well as academic.

5. Editing – This allows users to edit data saved in the program. It’s possible to make a business meeting note that can be modified and organized anytime the user needs to.

6. Audio and video Notes Taking – This specific feature enables users to capture movie or audio clips using a microphone and digital camera. This is mostly beneficial in classes, conferences, group meetings and other gatherings that involve information sharing.

Unique Benefits

A few of the benefits of the application include information storage and retrieval, cooperation or office integration and media features. When keeping information through video clips or audios, you may place key phrases for every file so you can easily look for it later. OneNote also has a sharing function that enables others to collaborate with you to ensure that more creative ideas can be achieved to make a certain job successfully. With this other people can edit data if needed. Because this uses the same interface like other application for Ms Office, this can be comfortable to utilize by those who’re familiar with Word or Excel.

Microsoft OneNote provides media functionalities which allow data to be imported into different types of media. Its various functions offer personalization and organization of data using your personal computer. Because OneNote instantly saves your files, you will never have fears of losing such information in case you forget to click the save button or a power breakdown may happen.

Many individuals are utilizing this kind of software since its features are really easy to learn and understand. This is a helpful and flexible upgraded version of the classic paper notebook utilized by a lot of business people, private individuals and pupils. This electronic note keeping gadget is used by many people for various purposes. Some are using it to keep a personal journal or course notes, organize notes for a project or meeting and arrange data of customers or clients.

Microsoft Onenote has transformed the way people think about note taking. While many find this kind of task challenging and confusing in the past, they’ve found a more easy way of performing it with the help of the application. The emergence of OneNote is just in time with the growing competition in the business and academic worlds that demand everyone to keep at par with regular changes.

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