What Ordinary Thing Do You Possess That’s Really Extraordinary?

Who do you admire?

For me one of the great joys in life is to watch great athletes perform. Sure, it could be sports, like Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan. But there’s a lot of other sports too.

Maybe it’s watching Eddie Van Halen sit on the edge of the stage with his guitar and spin off magical riffs. Maybe it’s Newton or Einstein. An artist like Banksy. Or Whitney Houston belting out a note that seems to last forever. Maybe it’s Coltrane – not merely playing that sax, but *possessing* it.

In business it could be Richard Branson or Seth Godin or Jay Abraham, or someone whose video you watched just yesterday. You sit there and shake your head as they perform and you wonder, “How does he DO that???”

Admiring great performers is a double edged sword. They inspire you at the concert, but when you’re home alone in your basement practicing your guitar, Eddie Van Halen only seems like he was created to mock you. “Listen to me and my pathetic chords, how am I ever going to amount to anything? They’re gonna boo me off the stage.”

Listen up:

Star performers are not to be the mold you shove yourself into. They’re the anvil you use to pound the slag off your own performance, so that you can eventually be the best YOU, not  the best THEM.

Star performers aren’t a standard you have to live up to, they’re a GIFT. They’re lights dotting the landscape, but they can’t illuminate the patch of real estate that you stand on. Only you can.

You see them at their best, exercising the gift they’ve perfected. You don’t see how ordinary they are at everything else they do in their life.

They’re not around to see how extraordinary you are at what you do.

Later this morning I have a group of people arriving for a 4-Man Intensive. Each one is in the process of becoming great at *something*. I gave them all questionnaires to fill out and I greatly enjoyed reading them last night.

As I’ve matured as a business coach I’ve become more and more focused on the individual that I’m with, and less focused on the specific snapshot of their business. Their business could change at any moment, but the essential greatness of the individual is always there, waiting to be unearthed.

If 2 years from now you’ve slammed the ball out of the park and added a few zeros to your net worth, you will still be the same person you are today. The difference will be, you found a way to harness the greatness you already had, a way that was suddenly new to you.

On that day, you’ll find that even other superstars suddenly look at you and wonder “how you do it.”

It’s doesn’t seem extraordinary to you. But it is to them.

What “ordinary” thing do you possess that’s really extraordinary?

Answer that question and adding some zeros to your income might not be as impossible as it seems.

Perry Marshall

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