What Must You Have When Working from Home

homeworkWhat Must You Have When Working from Home

Working from home can be easy easy, though sometimes it can be hard.

Of course, it all depends on a number of different factors, including time, location, and comfort.

Thes are the Must Haves when working from home.

1. Fast Internet connection

A fast Internet connection is a necessity in today’s business world. Sending and receiving emails as well as videoconferencing is required these days for most projects.

2. Computer

This goes hand in hand with your speedy Internet connection. Keep in mind, however, that the type of work you’ll be doing will determine which computer you should buy. Heavy, graphics intensive projects might require a faster computer with a better graphics chip.

3. Compatible computers and equipment

Buying a computer for a home office will take some time, especially when you are looking for a specific set of features to help you do your work. However, computers and other office equipment that are compatible with certain systems used by clients and others in your industry are a must have.

4. Home office/quiet location

A home office is a must have if you’re working from home. It will give you the space you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday home life and get away for a while without sacrificing your quality of work.

5. A specific time/schedule for work

Working from home may be distracting, especially if you have children running around or a TV buzzing in the background. A specific schedule for work is very important for people who work from home. Setting specific times will help you to stay organized, efficient and will help you balance your work/home life better.

6. Objects you are familiar with at work

Keeping objects you would normally use in the office might help you to feel more professional and will help you gauge the importance of your work. This can be anything from a printer, coffee mug, or even a stapler.

7. Face time with other employees or clients

Meeting face to face with other employees in your company or clients is of the utmost important. Setting aside time for this is a must have if you’re always working from home and don’t leave the home office often.

8. Work attire

Work attire means dress shirts and slacks for men, and maybe a blouse and slacks for women. Working from home doesn’t mean that you should go into that conference call with pajamas on. If you dress with confidence, you will be confident in your work.

9. Office Supplies

Office supplies, including pens, pencils, notepads, and staplers are also a must have. You don’t want to be empty-handed when you need to quickly take down a phone number or address.

10. Good lighting

A dark office is a depressing office. Good lighting and more importantly, natural lighting will help with the mood in your office and ultimately, your work ethic when you are there. Good lighting will also help with videoconferencing and the general tone of your office.

What are your “must haves” when working from home?

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