What is the Path to Becoming a Freelance Writer?

Freelance Writer. Ref: persistenceunlimited.com

Once the earning potential of freelance writers becomes apparent, many people will ask themselves “How do I become a freelance writer?” The process can be as hard or as easy as you want to make it. Like any process, you have to have a reasonable idea of what the final product is and the ingredients or steps along the way to achieving it. If you give some thought to how many different types of writers there are, you will see that you have discovered the first step along the way to becoming one.

What sort of writer can you be? This is probably the most crucial question that you will ask yourself. Answer that question wrong and everything you attempt in order to achieve your aim will be wasted.

So, how many sorts of writers are there? Even a cursory glance will expose quite a list – reporters, poets, story tellers, reviewers, advertising copy writers, article writers, to mention a few. The secret is to look at your own writing style and the work that you have already produced and compare it with what has been published by other writers.

Many freelance writers often maintain their own blogs to showcase what kind of writing they are capable of doing; do you have a blog already? Some people belong to writing clubs to help sharpen their writing skills and get constructive criticism, if you do belong to such a group how is your work generally received?

Whatever type of writing you want to do, it will always help if you have a significant amount of experience already doing that sort of writing. For example, if you’ve never written a poem before, you probably shouldn’t try to become a freelance poet. Not only should you have already written extensively in the field you want to become a freelancer for, but you should have also received some sort of objective feedback on it, so you know whether you’re good at it or not.

If you already have many pieces and have received favorable feedback, you should then put your best work together in a portfolio so you can present it to get work. The problem isn’t finding people who are looking for freelance writers, because thanks to the internet this has become quite simple, the problem is getting people to actually read your samples.

If you want someone to take you and your work seriously you have to ensure you send your portfolio to the right person. Do not get lazy, it is very easy to find out the person’s name and email address, make sure you do this. The next step is to make sure that your email is professional and courteous; introduce yourself and invite them to have a look at your work and ask them to kindly consider you to be a freelance writer for them.

If your work is to a reasonable standard and relevant to the content that is usually included in the publication, you will be considered and probably invited for an interview and, possibly, a trial period. Most of the time freelance writers are only paid when their content is published, so you have to make sure you do the best work of your life if you are given a test assignment.

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