What Do You Require For Drawing Landscapes?

Drawing Landscapes. Ref: ursispaltenstein.ch

Drawing Landscapes. Ref: ursispaltenstein.ch

You might think to start painting that you need many expensive items. This is not really so. Actually it is possible to purchase your basic needs fairly cheaply. Obviously not everybody uses the same items, therefore it depends what you choose. So this is a general guide to basic needs which of course you can add to.

Firstly help yourself by choosing a spot to draw with space for your gear, a must too, is a good light to draw by. I personally think that you cannot beat natural light, but this is not always possible and we have to resort to ready lit spots. Next thing you require is a palette to work with, could even be a sheet of glass.

Now you need a selection of basic colour shades, your canvas, different brushes, some medium plus of course some place to stand your work on. It certainly is an asset if you have a roomy container for your paints so you can pick them easily.

A good selection of pencils to use is an important factor. Personally I would recommend using HB range up to 6B. Then you need to just find somewhere sturdy to stand your canvas on, for example a desk, table, or something similar.

I like to obtain pale grey and yet also dark black tones, so for this you need a soft pencil. A Venus 6B is ideal, so I tend to use this, but it needs sharpening a few times! From here you will also need to be able to sharpen your pencils. Men often use a razor blade or penknife. Personally I make sure that I have a strong sharpener.

Should you make a mess of your drawing, don’t despair. You could try rubbing it out, but later decide to start afresh. Sometimes this works better for you.

We often like to sketch on the spot. This being so, it is so easy to carry the smaller versions of sketch pads. Not only do they come with smooth perforated paper and a hard back but they are ready to tear out.

We all like our own pens to work with. However, I would not recommend using an ordinary biro as it is hard to achieve good thick or thin lines. Therefore this being difficult to obtain light and dark in your drawing.

In your regular art shop you will find a choice of pens from fountain pens, pens with a felt tip and other nibs which can apply inks.

Also to be considered if you are going to go out and about to sketch your painting; you certainly need to be comfortable and warm. So don your socks and comfortable footwear. Old clothes are good with plenty of pockets. In winter you might need a hip flask!

It is to be advisable too, to have your own portable seat or stool as usually you only have a fence, bank, or wall to sit on leaving you with a frozen derrire! So maybe take a visit to your local camping shop. To get the broad picture you can always make a cardboard frame to put over your painting to give you the overall effect you are obtaining.

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