What Causes Cold Sores – Prevent Your Next Cold Sore Attack

What causes colds sores and fever blisters (oral herpes)? In this interesting article, you will learn what causes cold sores – the actual triggers you should avoid.

The short answer to what causes cold sores is the herpes simplex virus.

35% of those infected never get a cold sore. For the other 65% of us, repeated outbreaks are common.

If the conditions are right, the herpes simplex virus becomes active and quickly moves up the nerve to the surface. To replicate, each virus particle enters a cell and forces the cell to create clones.

Swelling of the area occurs as the cells bulge with the new virus. Once full, the cells are destroyed – releasing the virus hoards and creating your cold sore crater.

The herpes simplex virus is the root cause of all cold sores. But, to stop cold sores, you need to know what actually activates this virus.

Below you will discover the top three triggers responsible for herpes virus activation and replication.


A vigorous immune response requires strong antibodies. Certain materials must be on hand for your body to build potent antibodies.

The most important elements for building strong antibodies are the micro-nutrients in your food and supplements.

If you get cold sores, it indicates weakness in your immunity and antibodies. Fresh, uncooked vegetables will provide the best quality of body-ready nutrients to boost your resistance.

You should also begin a good vitamin supplement plan. In some folks, this is all it takes to stop most cold sores. But do not waste your money on cheap grocery-store vitamins.

Buy the highest quality supplements you can afford. Look for high levels of B (50 – 100 mg.) and C (500 mg.) vitamins. These burn up fast and must be replaced daily.


These two essential amino acids, arginine and lysine, are important for your good health. They also play a big role in cold sore events.

Arginine offers many cardiac benefits. But it also is the primary protein used to create new herpes simplex virus. Without sufficient arginine, a cold sore will not happen.

Herpes virus cannot be created with lysine. Your cells store both lysine and arginine but the more you have of one, the less room for the other.

Taking in high amounts of lysine crowds out arginine and helps stop cold sore formation. Eating fish and dairy works well. Most people, however, use lysine capsules for convenience – a powerful cold sore treatment.


You are at peak health when your pH level is alkaline. The pH scale measures 1 through 14 with 7 being neutral. Above 7 is alkaline and below 7 is acid.

Your body strives to stay above 7. Any drop below 7 will encourage the herpes simplex virus to activate and create another cold sore.

Oxygen levels are lower the more acid your body becomes. The herpes simplex virus loves an acid environment. Acid causing carbonated drinks and sugar contribute to this condition.

Cold sore outbreaks are most frequent during winter because of the many acid-causing factors. These include cold temperatures, spending more time indoors and drinks like coffee and cocoa.

Eating more green vegetables, particularly cabbage and asparagus, will help keep your pH levels healthy. And most vitamin stores carry alkalizing supplement plans that work well.

What causes cold sores has many answers because it may be different for you than another person. There is much more I wish I had time and room to share with you.

These are the three basic causes, however, that will help you determine what causes cold sores in your life – and help to eliminate them completely.

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