What Are Your Resell Rights?

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Resell rights packages can be money-makers. You can Google and Yahoo for resell rights products which you can buy and then sell on for your own profits. The problem is that many of the same e-reports, e-books and e-courses are sold everywhere! You can still make yours unique and profitable.

Often, switching the title from a ‘feature’ to a ‘benefit’ can transform sales. A feature-led title might comprise something including ‘Online Money-Making Ideas’ whereas a benefit-driven title would include a phrase such as ‘Make £527 Whilst You Sleep’. It’s worth testing new titles regularly, whenever you repackage or even update.

Add something unique. Say you have bought an e-course on buying items at police auctions at 3 per cent of their retail value. The e-course is full of how-to tips but it doesn’t actually list any police auctioneers. You might add an e-report of your own, sourced via some Google research, which lists the latest police auctions across the country. This ‘bonus’ might be the biggest draw.

Revamp Marketing Materials

Many e-products come with ready-made web pages, sales letters and ads – and they are identical to 1001 other web pages, sales letters and ads being used by your fellow resell rights entrepreneurs.

Try looking at websites for different but similar e-products to get some ideas for creating your own web page for this e-product. Take the sales letter you have been given as part of the deal and see how you can rewrite it in your own warm and friendly voice.

Do the same with the ad you’ve bought. Tweak and update it so it looks different to the exact same ads used time and again by everyone else.

Create A Bundle

What you can do to make a unique product is to bundle together a range of e-reports and turn these into an e-book or e-course with one over-riding theme. Often, you will find that you can obtain short e-reports for free or at low cost; and usually much cheaper than you would pay for the e-book or e-course on the subject.

Potentially, this can create a very distinctive report and all put together at a much lower price; and more profit for you in the long-run. You might, as examples, bundle together various e-reports under the theme of making money from home, perhaps, ‘127 Ways You Can Make £357 A Week From Your Back Bedroom’. The chances are that of those 127 ideas, at least one dozen or more will appeal to everyone who’d buy it.

If you bundle together e-reports with a specific theme that will appeal to a wide audience, try to focus on the ‘big’ issues that interest most people; making money, staying healthy, winning money, finding love, and so on. Interested in resell rights packages? We have a fuller report available on request.

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