Web Logging (blogging), Simplified


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Web Logging (blogging), Simplified

Author: Ritchie
BLOGGING has become a hit for most of us. It has served many purposes like a personal diary, a library, an emotional outlet, a gallery, an album, a catalogue, brochure, poster, graffiti board, etc.


As Information Technology evolve, so as features like this. It has in fact become a byword in the Information Technology era. But what is blogging anyway?

Defining Blog

Wikipedia defines a blog as a site where IT-versed individuals log entries like comments, events, graphics, photos, videos, articles among many other things that we would want to preserve in a library.

Blog emanated from two words — web and log, or simply web log. Web refers to the internet and log refers to the entry that we make. There is a wide array of blog types.

Numerous blogs are either in form of a personal diary entry, commentary and news. A blog site promotes interaction as readers are allowed to post comments on what has been read or seen. There are lots of bloggers all over the world. In fact, there were 112 million bloggers as per figure released sometime in 2007.

Variety of Blogs
Blogs differ. In fact, there are six major types of blogs — personal, corporate or organizational, genre, media, device and jobs. They differ in content, audience and the manner the content is written and transmitted.
Personal blogs refer to a site that is being maintained by an individual, who uploads entries for their personal consumption. It also serves as their diary, album and library of data they intend to store. It has always been a fulfillment for personal bloggers to keep their own site. There are instances when personal blogs take the blogger themselves to farther heights of success for the remarkable uploads they did.

There is also this corporate or organizational blogs. This type of blog site is maintained either by a corporate group or an organization. This site is mostly intended to advance business agenda or expound on an organizational advocacy.

For corporate blog maintainers, this site basically serves as their online marketing arm, brochure and catalogue for their products and services and virtual sales “office”.
Organization blogs promote advocacy of the group, an information arm and a gallery where information, photos and videos of activities are uploaded for storage. It serves as their “secretariat” or “virtual coordinating office”

Another form of blog is classified by genre. It could be political, travel (travelog), home-keeping, fashion, project, education, niche, music, quizzes, legal (blawgs), dreamlogs, arts, family, moms, etc.

There is also what they call as media log. It contains videos, photos, mixed media, podcast, typecast and related links. Blog sites under this classification are usually immensely maintained online sites because of the nature of materials being uploaded. Most of the “uploads” require high resolution and one of hell of memory space.

There are also sites where one could upload directly from a smart mobile device such as cellular phones.

The Next Big Thing

Based on how blogs are used, it seems that Information Technology has given birth to the next big thing. Blogs are powerful enough to reach even people and places we haven’t even seen or reached.

In an era when web played a crucial role to the evolution of technology, blogs and blog sites have become one of the most effective media, and powerful at that. GP


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