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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a Marriage of You and It.

Over the coming weeks and months your wishes will come good. How quick that happens is relative to your self-determination and positivity. Yes, there will be a time delay to realising your aspirations proportionate to your personal vision, mental alignment and positive thought processes.

The Law of Attraction is purely natural energy, but also, it is a totally blind force. Like gravity or electricity, it is unthinking. It does not care if you are good or bad.

Wise? Or, otherwise.

But..and..this is very important.. it is able to pick up your positive vibration. If you are not ‘in a good place’ inside your head, then, for example, if you had all your wildest dreams appear at once, not only would there be utter chaos (Bruce Almighty the film with Jim Carrey comes to the fore!) but you may not be prepared, or fully equipped in your mind and heart to taste real success by the very nature of your thinking based on how you feel right now. So, instant dream fulfilment is not practical or viable, because preparation of the mind and some previous commitment is needed.

On a sensible note:

If your top of the list wish is to ‘lose 150lbs in weight’ and you woke up as thin as you wanted to be, not only would you have a wardrobe dilemma, but such a sudden weight loss in 24 hours would probably prove too much of a shock to your metabolism and no doubt do you more harm than good!

Give yourself time to visualise what you want and learn to believe, that, come what may, you will attain it. Even if you think you can cope with vast wealth right now, still, the Law of Attraction will know your true vibration and deliver your dream outcome when it is just the right time for you.

Just like when you meet somebody who is ‘on your wavelength.’

You ‘tune into that person’. You instantly relate. You share the same positive energy, and so in exactly the same way, you can now work with your own energy and vibration and bring it forwards with positive thought.

Sourcing, developing, and harnessing your inner power.

In the same way an overload of electricity can cause a ‘power surge’ we have to be ‘grounded’ in our thinking, rather than being whimsical or romantic about our dreams, we have to be ‘connected’ to our thoughts and explore our practical needs.

Too much at once will waste energy.

Example: What happens to a lot of celebrities that experience almost over night success? They ‘sensory overload’ and the positive energy, becomes negative thoughts and turns to negative behaviour. They often experience a ‘power surge’ of the mind and short circuit what started as positive thinking, causing negativity, and in some cases like an overloaded electrical current it may injure or might even become a threat to life.

Look at how ‘money can go to some peoples head’ so can it be the same if you, had all your wishes come true in an instant, so some patience is very beneficial and deep concentration on the positive things you want is important to ponder on. To connect with your innermost dreams so they become a part of your everyday thinking processes.

A negative dream might be “I want to be invisible and turn to crime”, or “I want to pay someone to kill my boss” although arguably specific and in some cases justified and plausible, it may be confused as a negative thoughts or wishes!!

Your dreams can be fantastic and realistic at the same time.

Like a magnet you can attract positivity with your thinking. “I want to make 100 times my present salary with working just 2 days a week, so I can put my kids though university” is a virtuous and very positive dream.

The Law of Attraction would have no problem responding to your ‘wishlist’ while you patiently recite it, for as long as you truly believe these things you desire and are in themselves well founded.

The simplest way to explain the Natural law of Attraction is the power of sexual attraction. In any species this compelling instinct is overwhelming. Humans call it ‘chemistry’ between individuals..a need to find a mate and have sex and possibly breed. This, as you already know is a pretty universal ‘law’ of survival. The Law of Attraction is part and parcel of all natural Laws that are created to ensure the continuum of the cosmos. Like sexual attraction it only is drawn to positive energy.

Humans that exude positive energy are like a magnet to energy. We have all heard the expression ‘that guy has a real magnetic personality!’ That in basic terms is how all positive energy behaves.It amasses where it finds no resistance.

“But, I’m a really quite a fun person..I want my dreams to come true now!”

Some of the most depressed individuals are the life and soul of the party but that does not mean they are positive thinkers although they may want to give that impression. Fake positivity may be hard to spot so beware of wolves’ in sheep’s clothing who appear to be thrilled at your own positivity but try to undermine your goals over a period of time. Colleagues may jeer and sneer. Just remember these are your goals not theirs. When you drive up in your Ferrari a few months from now and park in the boss’s space then they can laugh!

Family and friends who may love you dearly, and out of that love, who think it is in your best interests to give them the benefit of their experience, then actively discourage your pursuit of your dreams. They may say “Get your head out of the clouds”, “Don’t be silly, just stick to what you know”, or “You always were a dreamer, if you stopped dreaming for minute and just get on with life, you won’t be disappointed!!”

Ring bells?

Ask yourself. Are your family and friends wealthy? Do they already have what you are dreaming for your future? If the answer is, “Yes” then they probably do know best! If they, on the other hand need a miracle then you might be that miracle worker for them for them to look up to if you believe in every tiny detail of your dreams.

The only way The Law of Attraction discriminates is between your (strong vibration) true positivity and fake positivity (weak vibration) it will be drawn to the stronger ‘clear’ signals . So people with poor self esteem or prone to depression can still break the negativity and must use whatever help they can to achieve that.

The most successful and wealthy people in the world come from very tough beginnings and have endured much poverty and hardship. They turned it around because they were hungry for change in their life.

Here is something for you to think about:

Somebody already wealthy does not need to try harder as much as a poor and depressed person, because the repressed, oppressed, depressed and possibly ‘broke’ person has far greater motive, to be financially free, and the impetus to change their life because they are fed up with ‘the same old same old.’ They will appreciate their success and never look back.

You can, and will, attract everything you want on your list at once if you take the time to follow the steps to success over the coming weeks!!

Get your Mind ready for immense positive change in your life.

Perry Estelle

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