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World of Warcraft. Ref: playfuls.com

Since the launch of Warcraft in 2004, it has become a household name. Kids and adults both love the game so much and as of today there are millions of registered warcraft player. Why is it so popular? Warcraft is a game with a combination of all aspects such as game play and graphics all in one. If you look at the game itself, the superb graphics, wonderful characters with monsters and quests to complete, there is no doubt that this game is indeed interesting while time consuming.

Nevertheless, people are excited to play the games seeing that it has become so phenomenal around the world. Hardly anyone that doesn’t know the name Warcraft and as such, Blizzard has been making billions from the game itself through expansions, fees and other memorabilia. As for others, some professional players venture into writing guides for newbies and earn from the sales of e-guides.

So, who plays Warcraft? Anyone can play Warcraft. Teenagers are crazy about the game but adults are just the same. Expansion is making the game even better and there are two expansions for Warcraft. The first is known as The Burning Crusade and the second one was released in November 2008, known as The Wrath of The Lich King. It take years to complete the expansions before they go on sale but the results are amazing. Millions have sold and more profits for Blizzard.

Of course, the players get to play in new regions with new character and higher leveling cap. These are the things players look forward to in new expansions and I believe there are more expansions making their way to the market. Even celebrity plays the game. For example, Macaulay Culkin from the Home Alone fame and Verne Troyer from the Mini Me fame.

So, you can see how influential Warcraft can be in the world. Everyone plays Warcraft equally in the Warcraft world and it just add in more fun for everyone. Perhaps your friend in the game is a celebrity somewhere in the world, who knows?

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