Want to go Viral? Here’s How to Do It.


Want to go Viral? Here’s How to Do It.

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Virality is about getting as many word-of-mouth sales as possible. This means turning your existing customers into recommenders for more customers. Here’s how to get more sales by making word-of-mouth referrals easy.

After studying viral customers, we discovered these approaches that can increase word-of-mouth potential.

Increase the size of your potential audience

One of the requirements for mass virality is a huge audience: you can’t go viral in the traditional sense if you’re going after a super niche audience. You need a wide cross-section of the general population to be able to relate with the product.

It’s a big reason why a referral program is among the most effective we’ve seen.

So what if your client’s product addresses a very small audience? Aside from adjusting their expectations, you can look to widen the appeal of the product. Broaden your market by highlighting a variety of use cases, showing the product being used.

Work to explore ways to adapt products to hit adjacent markets.Increased the virality by covering more markets by making tweaks on a base product, you may be able to uncover similar opportunities.

It doesn’t need to be a product change — think about how baking soda found a huge new market as a deodorizer.

Crank up the emotional connection

A powerful way to increase virality is to put emotion into the product experience.

Word-of-mouth referrals are such a big part of sales because of the emotional nature of the product.

Drive word-of-mouth viral sales by attaching the product to an emotionally-charged life event.

What emotional cords can your products hit? Before you think that a product is a commodity that can’t possibly have a sentimental dimension, consider that Dove has done well for itself despite really just being a bar of soap.

Can your products be attached to a life event? Even if you can’t associate yourself to a major life milestone consider tapping into things like holidays and calendar events etc.

Show off a strong personality

If you have a new take on something, or a passionate opinion about the industry, play that up and emphasize it. People love talking about people who take a stand, especially if they don’t agree with it!

Do you differ from the industry norm in any way? How can you amplify those differences? Remember that you don’t need to radically alter the product. Sometimes it’s the little touches, like writing handwritten notes to bloggers or their best customers.

Do you have a unique personality or viewpoint that can add to the product narrative? Having an outspoken figurehead for a company helps keep the company’s story top-of-mind, helping you shape what customers say about your client to their friends.

Nail your visual marketing

If you are selling anything related to beauty, design, fashion or luxury — you can’t underestimate the power of having strong visuals. Committing to Instagram, Pinterest or any other relevant visually-driven communities should be considered in your marketing plan.


Going viral isn’t just about getting a million YouTube views. In ecommerce it’s about generating word-of-mouth sales. It’s about finding something buzzworthy about an offering, and tweaking it so that customers can’t wait to talk about it.

Sometimes the product just needs a bit of rethinking to bring out what makes them word-of-mouth friendly.

Expand the audience
Hook into a customer’s emotions
Show off your personality
Emphasize visuals in marketing
Don’t spend more on PPC or invest in new campaigns, consider what tweaks you can make to increase their own unique brand of virality.

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