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Making Silhouettes. Ref: artandletter.com

If you need to brighten up your walls, this may be the perfect answer. These are basically not very expensive to construct, as you do not require much to make them. However, you will find, that the finished effect will create interest and is pretty attractive. You can also make them as gifts.

Of course, first you have to make the decision on the size of frame you require, as to where you want to hang it, and the area of the space. At the present time you can buy frames that will hold up to five pictures, but you may only want a double or a single frame for your first attempt.

So to get your profile to work from, it is probably best to get your subject to face sideways and then you take a photograph. Obviously this needs to be very clear.

What will I actually need then? Firstly, some tracing paper, masking tape, some fairly small sharp scissors, a pencil, a spray glue, several photos of your subject, some soft black paper, a soft black pencil, or pen even, some white paper with a texture to it and, of course, your frame.

How do I start? Look at your photos and decide which one, or ones, that you want to use. Pick up your photograph and, if you have a board of some kind, put it on a board. Then put your tracing paper on top of this and tape all the sides down with the masking tape. With a sharpened pencil, trace round the outline of your photograph.

Once you have drawn round your photograph, be sure to add a curve shape at the foot of your tracing. In most cases this will be at the neckline, to finish it off, as it were! Take away your tape and remove your tracing paper. Think now, if you want this enlarged or made smaller, to suit your frame, as, at this stage, you could adjust it.

Now tape the tracing on to your black paper, with your pencil marks flat to the black paper. You now need to draw strongly over your pencil lines to transfer them to the black paper. Bear in mind, I chose black, but you can choose your own colour.

Now we have reached a delicate operation which needs some patience! Take your craft knife and you now need to cut your shape, keeping to your outline. Not easy, I might add!

What you need next, is some white textured paper, about 1cm over the edges of your frame size. Now your silhouette needs to be spray glued on the back, then pressed down hard in the centre of your white paper.

At this point you can add an outside border with a coloured pen or pencil, but this is optional. If you cut some very fine pieces of the coloured paper, you could add some extra details like eyelashes or eyebrows for example.

Now this is completed, put your picture in the frame. This is an ideal project for using pictures of your family, friends or even your four legged friends!

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