Using Basic E-mail Marketing Strategies – Use These To Build Your List

More than likely, you have noticed many different email marketing techniques currently being sold. You are probably seeing many of these books or courses that promise that their exceptional methods will help you extract money from your list quickly and easily.

It can be tempting to try these courses and techniques if your email marketing success is starting to wane.

The important thing is to ignore these shiny new things, and get back to basics, in order to “reinvigorate” your list and start making money again.

You can get careless and forget the foundations from which you began to make money with your list, something that happens to all of us. Whenever you need help, this is where you need to go once again.

The best way to build your list is by using segmentation. To do this, you simply create two lists. Using your autoresponder, you automatically move buyers from the “prospect” list to the “buyer” list. It’s that easy! On each of the lists, different our responders and messages should be used.

Anyone that purchases a product or service from you, and is on your autoresponder, should not be sold the same product ever again. You could actually alienate people completely by doing this. The thing you need to do is keep in touch with them and thank them for making the purchase that they did. It is easy to do with a segmented list on your autoresponder. This is easy to do with subscription-based autoresponders on the web.

Your automatic responder should have the ability to double check, just to make sure people really want to subscribe to your list. An automatic confirmation e-mail should be sent to people as they subscribe. The confirmation email is very useful in case the person that has just subscribed has done so by accident, or is actually just curious about what you are offering on your website.

People may subscribe to your list, and stay there, simply because you offer them the option to back out. The perception will be that you care more about them than making money. What is funny is this will actually help you make more money.

It’s a good idea not to drown your readers with mediocre content. Their appreciation of you will grow exponentially if you take the “fewer but better quality messages” approach.

Doing too much is easy when you see your sales start to decline and people leaving your list. You’ll only end up turning people off. If you really want to bring those numbers back up then you need to get back to the fundamentals.

You’ve already laid solid groundwork and it’s that way for a good reason, isn’t it? The speed with which a bad situation can be turned around may surprise you but all it takes is going back to what worked for you initially.

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