Unforgettable First Impressions

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The advent of internet dating definitely changes first impression circumstances. It’s entirely possible that you’ll be going out on a first date with someone that you’ve been communicating with for weeks or even months.

Then again, many of us haven’t given up on encountering eligible singles in the real world as opposed to the internet dating world. Truthfully, most of us are doing both. And why not?! Let’s face it, we’re all busy and we all want to maximize our dating potential.

The rules for different ways of meeting up romantically can differ. Just because you met person A in location B does that mean you can suggest activity C on the first date? Fortunately, one the the most important things about dating hasn’t changed a bit. And that would be? Making a first impression.

Whether you just bumped into someone at a friend’s kid’s bar mitzvah, are finally doing the in-person thing with that cutie you’ve been emailing with online for a few weeks, or are meeting someone in the professional world who you really want to think the best of you, your tactics are pretty much the same. Read on:

1. Eye contact supreme

Making direct, lasting eye contact with a new acquaintance is the surest way to communicate your confidence, honesty and interest. These long, locking looks work worlds better than fleeting here and there glances when talking to someone.

Should all the eye time leave you a bit bored, play memory games with yourself. Observe their eye color, the shape of their eyes, their eyebrows, their nose etc. You’ll be conveying your interest at the same time that you’re searing their face into your memory.

2. Know when to let go of the reigns

Let’s say you’ve been chatting up some fabulous new find and you find yourself in the midst of that age old dilemma; you want to appear interested, but not over eager. What do you do? Try letting go of the reigns and let them take charge. While they’re talking match their energy and level of excitement instead of setting the tone yourself. This way you can also be sure that you’re not hogging the conversation.

3. Almost touching but not quite

This one probably won’t work in a professional setting where a firm handshake at the start and finish of a meeting is all that’s really required. In a more personal setting you can get flirty with someone without actually touching them.

Almost, but not quite, touching someone’s knee or shoulder will suggest a sexual attraction and will leave them wanting more. Women are especially receptive to this because it shows that although you’re interested, you also respect her boundaries.

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