Understanding Hookah Pipes

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A hookah pipe is basically a water pipe intended for the smoking of tobacco. The majority of hookah pipes out there are made of glass with two or more flexible stems drawing the water cooled smoke from the pipe. Hookahs are used to smoke tobacco as well as other substances and they originated in India. Over the years they made their way to the Middle East and slowly became known around the world.

Hookah pipes are used to smoke illegal narcotics like marijuana or heroin and as a result hookah pipes are considered somewhat of a taboo item in the western world. In recent years, the hookah pipe has been making some progress in getting rid of the bad name they have gotten. Originally, and in the East, Hookah pipes where used primarily if not mostly by men as something that accompanied relaxation. Their popularity was attributed to the fact that they cool the smoke down. Something that was needed a lot in Middle Eastern countries.

If you are looking to buy a hookah pipe then your best bet is to search for one online. Although there are many stores you can buy hookah pipes at getting them online will cost you less. In addition, if you buy a hookah you should look into finding some special tobacco. Hookah tobacco is somewhat different than regular tobacco. It is coarser and it is flavoured in many ways.

When smoking a hookah the nicotine level from the tobacco is reduced by the action of the water inside the pipe, and the result is a smoking experience that is ultimately less problematic and more fund than smoking a couple of cigarettes. In the East, hookahs are center pieces of every smokers home and are enjoyed while doing regular everyday activities like when watching a movie or having a conversation.

The popularity of hookahs has been increasing in the west because of the development of what are known as hookah bars. These bars have hookah pipes in the middle of every table and allow guests to smoke tobacco while having a drink or a coffee.

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