Understanding Chinese Tattoo Art

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The everlasting aesthetic appeal of Chinese tattoo symbols is the reason why their popularity continues to grow even today. The west has developed a new found fascination with Chinese tattoo symbols even though the many people are unaware of their meanings.

The exotic Chinese tattoos are so pleasant that people want them without being aware of what they stand for. The western television media has popularized the Chinese tattoos to such an extent that the young people there get the tattoos done permanently on their body without bothering about their meaning.

Custom Chinese Tattoo Translation And Design

You will find that getting a Chinese symbol printed on your body without knowing what it means may lead to something which you might regret later. These artistic symbols may mean something strange or embarrassing which may be comprehended by someone who has knowledge of these tattoos and you could become a laughing stock which would be acutely embarrassing for you.

Chinese tattoo symbols are an exciting and unorthodox means of expression. Although the art of tattooing has been present in China for many centuries it is today that the Chinese tattoo symbols are receiving world wide acclaim. Ironically the practice of tattooing is not considered to be a very noble form of art in China.

The large numbers of symbols that symbolize Chinese tattoos have deep philosophical meanings attached to them which are different from each other. In spite of such advanced tattoo art tattooing itself was regarded as a barbaric art in olden days in China.

You would be amazed to learn that what today is considered to be the ultimate in fashion was shunned by the Chinese people in the ancient times. These vastly popular tattoo symbols were then used to stamp the body of the criminals so that they could be treated as outcasts.

People who are actually interested in getting a Chinese tattoo and do not understand the meaning of existing symbols wish to get names, ideas and concepts from other languages translated to Chinese tattoos. This does not pose much problem because most of what they wish to be translated is already existing in the Chinese tattoo symbols and as an art form it goes back to 4000 years in history.

Every concept is turned into a symbol of Chinese language which is extremely artistic. This is a scientifically developed art which consists of 70, 000 concepts and you will probably run out of ideas to translate concepts into Chinese symbol for tattooing purpose or otherwise. Thus you can be certain that any idea from any language can be successfully translated to Chinese symbol and still look equally pleasing.

Some people misconceive conventional Chinese symbols to be the same as the script known as Kanji. The truth of the matter is that the Kanji although Chinese in origin was adopted and modified by the Japanese. Whereas the Chinese tattoo symbols that may even have a similar physical appearance can have drastically different meanings.

traditional Chinese tattoos are a great option for your first tattoo if you want something meaningful and unique. To find out more about Chinese tattoo kanji symbols follow the hyperlink.

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