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Tread Where Others Won’t: Some of the best content you can create is controversial content. This doesn’t mean to whip something up with the sole purpose of spite; you need to have a clear and relevant topic.

For example, if you’re in an industry where posting prices online isn’t typically practiced, bring attention to it and explain why.

Inside Secrets: You don’t have to unveil your CEO’s salary, but giving away some inside scoop on your company or your trade will usually generate some clicks.

Be sure to get permission before posting anything that may be considered sensitive; losing your job is not part of the best content marketing practices.

Learn Something New: If you truly want to engage your audience, you have to present value. You can do this by giving them something that they literally cannot access anywhere else.

This can be tough, but with a bit of creativity and smart thinking, it’s totally doable.

Inspire: Sometimes, to get your audience to take action, you need to be a source of inspiration yourself. Share success stories, testimonials, or create helpful how to’s that inspire people to click or share.

Relate: What better way to connect to your audience than relating to their needs? If you can connect with your demographic on an emotional level, you’re golden.

Help: Showing your audience that you care, are ready to legitimately help them with their needs, will usually get them returning for more. After all, would you rather deal with a business that is all about me, me, me . . . or about you, you, you?

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