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The Walt Disney Company has been popular to people of all ages and for a few generations. They have followed the adorable pack leader in the appearance of a black mouse dressed in shorts, gloves and shoes – to most, he is better known as Mickey Mouse. As the company line grew, more characters and stories have been attributed to them as their present for their patrons.

Much like all great memories, people have the tendency to look for something to grab hold to, for them to be able to constantly be reminded of the great characters and stories which they have all grown to love. The Disney Company has put this thought to great weight; thinking about ways on how they can help fans have something to remember their favorite Disney production by means of simple Disney Pins.

There have been huge selections created for the Disney Pins which are widely available in Disney stores and other trading places alike. There are different prints, designs and series editions for those which are made for limited offers. And for the last few years, people of all ages have grown fond of sharing and acquiring different Disney Pins by means of trading them on Disney parks and other pin traders.

Tens of thousands of pins have been manufactured, distributed, bought, collected and traded. However, for each line of Disney Pins made, a piece is immediately kept inside the Disney archive vault for safe keeping and more so to be able to preserve it and keep it part of the entire pin line. For these great pins, it is rather important for one to know how to easily spot an authentic piece from that of a bootleg.

Back Stamps are among the most vital and simple identification marks of these pins; these indicate all the important information one may want to know. These include the copyright information, manufacturer, date, edition size or series number, the location of production, etc.

Disney Pins. Ref:

There are also a variety of pins which are made from different materials and designs; some of these Disney Pins are made from die cast which were made from brass zinc alloy and uses high grade hand engraved dies which provide a three dimensional image. There are also those which are called Dangle Pins which is much like a regular pin though it has an extended base which hangs from one or multiple chains or loops. There are two others which are greatly regarded for its features as novelty and trading pins; these are the lenticular pins which has two or more designs which are visible when the pin is slightly tilted. The other is the Light-up pin, from its name lights up and flashes when it is activated.

Some of the other kinds of pins are the slider pins which are equipped with a movable piece which can slide forward and back on the pin’s base. A spinner pin on the other hand is one which is equipped with a mechanism which enables a part of the pin to make a 360 degree spin thus showing the surface constantly.

Finally, there are what the Disney manufacturers call retired pins; these are pins which have been produced at a much earlier date and will cease production and distribution. The reason for doing this is to enable the manufacturers to introduce new designs or pin editions for people to own and trade as they prefer.

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