Low Glycemic Snacks! What Are They? Can They Ever Be Tasty?

The term “low GI” has been appearing with increasing frequency in dieting research. Experts state that low GI foods are changing the way people thing about dieting, for the better.

GI refers to the glycemic index, which is a tool used by nutritionists to measure the rates at which certain foods release glucose into the body.

Low GI foods perform this activity slowly. Steadier levels of blood sugar mean that dieters feel more energized for sustained periods of time.

These foods also delay hunger and promote a speedier metabolism. Here, then, are some of the most popular low glycemic snacks.

The first one is yogurt. Experts in nutrition all say that yogurt is, by far, the healthiest snack in this category. This is because, in addition to maintaining optimal levels of glucose in the blood, it helps build the bones and also promotes good digestion.

The calcium in yogurt is fantastic for the prevention of bone-related disorders like osteoporosis. Probiotics within live culture yogurts boosts the efficacy of the large intestine. Look for zero to low fat products.

Nuts are delicious, easy-to-carry, and immensely healthy. They contain valuable amounts of protein, as well as carbohydrates and beneficial unsaturated fats. This means that they are a perfect snack for vegetarians.

Avoid salted nuts, and look for roasted or raw variations. Walnuts have great properties for the nervous system, and almonds are perfect for boosting the strength of the bones.

Vegetables like cucumber, broccoli, asparagus and celery are perfect for a low GI eating plan. They are delicious served raw as a snack, with some accompanying dips.

Hummus is a flavorsome Middle Eastern dip made of chickpeas, which also happen to be healthy low GI legumes. Another one to try is guacamole, made of tasty avocado and lemon.

It’s also possible to eat cheese on a low GI eating plan. Look for skim cottage cheese. It is scrumptious served with some black pepper or fresh green herbs. It is also high in calcium and low in fat.

There is also a range of low GI fruits to choose from. These mainly comprise of fruits from the orchard, or deciduous fruits, like apples, cherries and berries. These are ideal because they contain high amounts of important fiber, and not so many carbohydrates.

It’s also possible to indulge in melon and grapefruit. However, not all fruits are perfectly suited to this diet – mango, watermelon and banana have high GI potential.

Nutritionists say that certain types of dried fruit are great for a low GI diet. Dried apricots are the best of the bunch. Be careful not to eat too many servings of this, as snacks can be high in sugar.

There are also many types of low glycemic breads of the market today. Simply look for heavier, grainier alternatives to normal bread loaves.

Try soy and linseed loaf, as well as heavy mixed grain and wholewheat pumpernickel.

These low glycemic snacks show that a diet doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Not only are they delicious, but they will keep you feeling “fuller” for longer. This means an end to hunger pangs and other horrible feelings of deprivation.

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