Top Five Tips For Looking Good On Camera

The big day has arrived! A momentous occasion — a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation or a special birthday. It goes without saying that you want to look amazing. Particularly because you are aware that those pictures will be posted on Facebook before you know it. While you may not look like a movie star, you can look your best if you understand what to do.

Tip #1 Pay attention to your chin

If you get too close to the camera, you may feel like drawing your head back, but this will have a bad effect. However, this will cause a double chin and a wish for all photos and negatives to be destroyed. If you are tall and the camera is lower than you, you might wind up with an extra chin, which is a lot more than you imagined in having your picture taken. When that is the case, stick your chin out a little to negate any chubby chin.

Tip #2 Use camera angle to look taller and thinner

If you are short, remember that a photo taken from a low angle can add an appearance of height. Remember to keep your chin level. You will also look thinner by standing at an angle, so that one shoulder is nearer to the camera. Straight from the front is probably going to make you look wider.

#3 Tip: Examine the lighting

Being lit from above you is going to throw dark shadows across your face, particularly under the eyes. Unless you want to look like Bela Lugosi in Dracula, this is not a hot look. The brighter it is, the better you will look. More light means less shadows and fewer unflattering circles and lines.

Tip #4 Avoid looking directly at the camera

For a few extremely photogenic individuals, it does not matter which angle they are facing, they will always look good. Other individuals are aware that they have a good side or a good angle. If all of us were perfectly symmetrical, that would not be true, but unfortunately, it is. Check out the sides of your face and decide which is best. According to research, it is the left.

#5 Tip: Just before the flash, blink your eyes

This is an old trick, but it still works well. You will not only avoid blinking and looking bizarre in the picture, your eyes will appear fresh and not have that deer-in-the-headlights glaze from waiting so long for the camera to click.

Nola Sonderberg

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