Building A Better Email Marketing Campaign

Many times the subject of email marketing is not interesting enough for people to pay attention. However, if you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge, it can be an invaluable tool for growing your business.

Avoid using a lot of graphics in your e-mails. Since some email programs block graphics, any email which contains a lot of graphics will not display correctly to recipients that have these types of email programs. Additionally, the overuse of graphics will likely prompt email-readers to automatically toss your emails into the spam folder.

Grab people’s attention with your subject line. If they are offered something of value, your recipients will be more likely to read your message. Try to get their attention through something special, like a new product, something free, or a discount. A good subject line can dramatically improve the response to your email.

Make the subject line of your e-mail exciting, entertaining and interesting. You have to get the subscribers’ attention, so that they want to find out what the email has to say. An email that has a suspicious or just plain boring subject line will likely be deleted without being opened.

It can kill your website to be accused of being a spammer. Make every possible effort to have a clear, concise opt-in method with a confirmation step. Providing an opt-in option on your website will make subscribers confirm their interest in receiving emails from you. Give consumers two options in the email – click one link to confirm or another link to opt-out. Customers will be grateful for the security and it will be helpful for them to know that your emails are spam.

Only make one clear message for each email you send. If your email has too much information, clients will feel annoyed, bored or even overwhelmed. Keep your messages on topic, of reasonable length, and interesting to read. Your readers will like your brief and to the point newsletter, which isn’t burdened by tons of unwanted information.

Show your customers that you value their time by only sending them emails that offer worthwhile information. Do not abuse their confidence by giving them sales petitions that are blatant in nature. Try to add a solution for an everyday problem, an interesting way to use products or information about special promotions in your emails.

Personalize and customize all of the emails you use for marketing. You can insert the recipient’s name, and much more, in a standard message. You must mine the data you have on each subscriber for information you can use. Segment your subscriber list by interest or buying behavior, and create messages that are likely to appeal to that group of people.

Clearly, the marketing email is still quite effective. If you use the advice in this article and keep learning new techniques for improving and innovating your email marketing plan, email marketing will work for you for years.

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