The Value Of TIME

DetourWhen it’s just you trying to do get everything done, it really can be quite tough.

Do you have this problem?

I know exactly what it’s like – I spent a long time in the old spare room with a home-made desk and specific instructions from ‘the rest of the family’ not to come out until I’d made some money…

All the planning, managing, sourcing, researching and chasing up was down to one person back then, just as it is now, for nearly everybody reading this today.

It taught me a valuable lesson … It taught me the value of TIME.

I knew that I needed to spend those precious hours that I could spare for my fledgling business in the most productive way possible, but when I took a moment to actually take note of what I was doing – I found that I spent less than half of my time doing things that would actually make me money, and the rest on …’other stuff’

I bet it’s the same for you too.

I’m sure you already know that busy isn’t the same as productive … and that being disciplined is not the answer to everything. If that was the case, everyone who spends a couple of hours a day working on their business, ‘no matter what’ would be a millionaire.

So there must, then, be something else to it … and that something is accountability.

Writing your goals down is all well and good, and certainly better than not writing them down at all, but the best thing to do is also to tell others about what you are going to achieve and by when.

Right now, I bet lots of people reading this are thinking – “But I don’t want to do that – what if I don’t follow-up on what I’ve said I’d do?”

That is exactly the point I’m making.

Nothing focuses the mind like the thought of looking ‘bad’ in front of everyone, and it really makes you ruthless when you look at what you are doing, and trimming away the ‘waste’,

… should you really be doing that – or could you get someone else to do it.

there are plenty of people out there on Elance or who are willing to do the mundane stuff for you,

… or are you spending too much time adding bells and whistles to something that already works well enough as it is for the time being?

Not only that, once you have made people aware of what you are trying to achieve, you’ll find out who will support your efforts and who is more likely to make the kind of demotivational comments that don’t help at all,

… which again, can lead to other, much tougher, decisions as to whether or not any other things might need ‘trimming away’…

Whatever you decide, you have to agree that making both your ambitions and the results you strive for ‘public’ would put them under the spotlight of others and consequently front and centre of your own mind,

… a change that may ultimately make all the difference.

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