The Top Holiday Dates for 2012

Buying Or Selling Dates for 2012

By Monica Sims, iContact Community Manager

We’ve compiled a list of important dates for this year’s holiday season so you’ll be prepared for all your holiday marketing!

10/31: Halloween – The first big holiday of the holiday season doesn’t have to be the scariest. Consider providing a “treat” for a “trick” – Like our Facebook page for a coupon code.

11/16 – 23: Thanksgiving Week – Many companies start promoting their “black Friday” sales the week before in an effort to get an edge over the competition.

11/22: Thanksgiving Day – First celebrated in 1621, this harvest festival is now more commonly associated with turkey, football, and getting ready for gift buying. This is the last day to communicate to would-be shoppers before Black Friday (see next).

11/23: Black Friday – The traditional beginning of the Christmas shopping season, this is the single biggest shopping day of the year in the United States.

11/26: Cyber Monday – The Monday after Thanksgiving, this is the day millions shop online (usually from work), to keep their purchases away from the eyes of prying family members.

12/8: First night of Hanukkah – Gift-giving during the Festival of Lights started with the distribution of gelt (Yiddish for “money”) to children and was considered a blessing. With eight nights, consider sending a series of emails to promote a new gift idea for each night.

12/22: Super Saturday – The last Saturday before Christmas, traditionally, this has marked the end of the retail season. Many retailers have one-day sales targeting the last-minute shopper. Consider creating a sense of urgency in your communications for those who wait until the last minute.

12/25: Christmas – Almost 60 percent of all holiday spending for the entire year is spent in anticipation of this one holiday alone.

12/26 – 1/1: Kwanza – This week-long celebration honors African-Canadian and African-American heritage and culture. Culminating in a feast and gift-giving, this is a great opportunity to continue to promote your products and sales.

12/26: Day after Christmas – Consumers turn out in droves to take advantage of after-holiday sales, to use gift cards, and to make returns.

12/31: New Year’s Eve – The last day of the year marks a final chance for many consumers and businesses to make purchases and to close out their books.

1/1: New Year’s Day – While not traditionally a big consumer day, this is the start of 12 more months of occasions and events around which to plan your marketing campaigns.

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