The Tintotan Newsletter July 2012

The TINTOTAN July 2012

This is a personal message to our friends online (sorry, its long but its important..)

Because we hold very firmly to the value of true Friendship and we welcome communication from all Tintotans and are delighted that new members and our guests feel comfortable enough to entrust us with a ton of healthy business feedback !

Tintota readers have sprung up in countless countries, faster than we could keep check. Featuring hundreds of authors and valuable business information reaching thousands of readers each week earthwide so Tintotans share the best information about business?

If you had a wish what would it be?

Inner peace?                                                                                  Friendship?

Or maybe?

Get out of the ratrace?                      Get a degree?                              More family time?

Stop smoking?                                       Get famous?                            A new hobby?

All the above.. and more besides..PLEASE!!”… I hear you cry!

But think for a moment..

Everyone wants to get settled, earn well and lead a happy, healthy and a wealthy life, don’t they?

Try this experiment ..and for a minute.. focus on what you  really, really, really, want..

Why not ask your mind genie NOW..?

Yes! Right NOW…

Write a list of what you want and keep it in your back pocket. Read it every day and watch what happens!

(Hey, I know this seems a bit weird, but please bear with me, as I personally, give you this written guarantee that this is going to be the most revealing document you will read today!)

Your list might read…

“I want my mind to focus on what I want to achieve.”

“I want my wallet to always be jammed with cash.”

“I want the best seat at every theatre and festival.”

“I want an Aston Martin DB9”

“I want to be a business success.”

“I want my thinking to shift to pure positivity.”

“I want abundance.”

“I want prosperity.”

“I want to grow as a person.”

“To be a better parent, lover, leader.”

“I want to see the Seven Wonders of the World”

“I want to pay for my parents to travel the world”

“I want to be a walking, talking money magnet.”

Now summon your own private Genie…..

(Go ahead … he won’t bite…Make, like Aladdin, rub your hands three times, and say…)

“Genie of the Lamp Come Forth and Grant Me All My Wishes”

OK..the next part is easy.. just read aloud your list in front of the mirror daily in the morning when you rise and at night when you retire, and your unconscious mind will automatically engage with your dream while you are sleeping. Your unconscious mind will identify, clarify and collate everything on that list ‘behind the scenes’. Your ‘wishes’ will be processed and produced in the deepest recesses of your ‘to do’ psyche….

The Law of Attraction is a Marriage of You and It.

Over the coming weeks and months your wishes will come good. How quick that happens is relative to your self-determination and positivity. Yes, there will be a time delay to realising your aspirations proportionate to your personal vision, mental alignment and positive thought processes. The Law of Attraction is a purely natural energy, but also, it is a totally blind force. Like gravity or electricity, it is unthinking. It does not care if you are good or bad. Wise? Or, otherwise.

But..and..this is very important.. it is able to pick up your positive vibration. If you are not ‘in a good place’ inside your head, then, for example, if you had all your wildest dreams appear at once, not only would there be utter chaos (Bruce Almighty the film with Jim Carrey comes to the fore!) but you may not be prepared, or fully equipped in your mind and heart to taste real success by the very nature of your thinking based on how you feel right now. So, instant dream fulfilment is not practical or viable, because preparation of the mind and some previous commitment is needed.

On a sensible note:

If your top of the list wish is to ‘lose 150lbs in weight’ and you woke up as thin as you wanted to be, not only would you have a wardrobe dilemma, but such a sudden weight loss in 24 hours would probably prove too much of a shock to your metabolism and no doubt do you more harm than good!

Give yourself time to visualise what you want and learn to believe, that, come what may, you will attain it. Even if you think you can cope with vast wealth right now, still, the Law of Attraction will know your true vibration and deliver your dream outcome when it is just the right time for you.

Just like when you meet somebody who is ‘on your wavelength.’

You ‘tune into that person’. You instantly relate. You share the same positive energy, and so in exactly the same way, you can now work with your own energy and vibration and bring it forwards with positive thought.

Sourcing, developing, and harnessing your inner power.

In the same way an overload of electricity can cause a ‘power surge’ we have to be ‘grounded’ in our thinking, rather than being whimsical or romantic about our dreams, we have to be ‘connected’ to our thoughts and explore our practical needs.

Too much at once will waste energy.

Example: What happens to a lot of celebrities that experience almost over night success? They ‘sensory overload’ and the positive energy, becomes negative thoughts and turns to negative behaviour. They often experience a ‘power surge’ of the mind and short circuit  what started as positive thinking, causing negativity, and in some cases like an overloaded electrical current it may injure or might even become a threat to life.

Look at how ‘money can go to some peoples head’ so can it be the same if you, had all your wishes come true in an instant, so some patience is very beneficial and deep concentration on the positive things you want is important to ponder on. To connect with your innermost dreams so they become a part of your everyday thinking processes.

A negative dream might be “I want to be invisible and turn to crime”, or “I want to pay someone to kill my boss” although arguably specific and in some cases justified and plausible, it may be confused as a negative thoughts or wishes!!

Your dreams can be fantastic and realistic at the same time.

Like a magnet you can attract positivity with your thinking. “I want to make 100 times my present salary with working just 2 days a week, so I can put my kids though university” is a virtuous and very positive dream.

One that can be a reality in a matter of 4-5 years if you use the “The Mindset Makeover” programme provided here in this first of a series of information.

The Law of Attraction would have no problem responding to your ‘wishlist’ while you patiently recite it, for as long as you truly believe these things you desire and are in themselves well founded.

The simplest way to explain the Natural law of Attraction is the power of sexual attraction. In any species this compelling instinct is overwhelming. Humans call it ‘chemistry’ between individuals..a need to find a mate and have sex and possibly breed. This, as you already know is a pretty universal ‘law’ of survival. The Law of Attraction is part and parcel of all natural Laws that are created to ensure the continuum of the cosmos. Like sexual attraction it only is drawn to positive energy. Humans that exude positive energy are like a magnet to energy. We have all heard the expression ‘that guy has a real magnetic personality!’ That in basic terms is how all positive energy behaves. It amasses where it finds no resistance.

“But, I’m a really quite a fun person..I want my dreams to come true now!”

Some of the most depressed individuals are the life and soul of the party but that does not mean they are positive thinkers although they may want to give that impression. Fake positivity may be hard to spot so beware of ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ who appear to be thrilled at your own positivity but try to undermine your goals over a period of time. Colleagues may jeer and sneer. Just remember these are your goals not yours. When you drive up in your Ferrari a few months from now and park in the boss’s space then they can laugh!

Family and friends who may love you dearly, and out of that love, who think it is in your best interests to give them the benefit of their experience, then actively discourage your pursuit of your dreams. They may say “Get your head out of the clouds”, “Don’t be silly, just stick to what you know”, or “You always were a dreamer, if you stopped dreaming for minute and  just get on with life, you won’t be disappointed!!”

Ring bells?

Ask yourself. Are your family and friends wealthy? Do they already have what you are dreaming for your future? If the answer is, “Yes” then they probably do know best! If they, on the other hand need a miracle then you might be that miracle worker for them for them to look up to if you believe in every tiny detail of your dreams.

The only way The Law of Attraction discriminates is between your (strong vibration)true positivity and fake positivity(weak vibration)it will be drawn to the stronger ‘clear’ signals . So people with poor self esteem or prone to depression can still break the negativity and must use whatever help they can to achieve that.

The most successful and wealthy people in the world come from very tough beginnings and have endured much poverty and hardship. They turned it around because they were hungry for change in there life.

Here is something for you to think about:

Somebody already wealthy does not need to try harder as much as a poor and depressed person, because the repressed, oppressed, depressed and possibly ‘broke’ person has far greater motive, to be financially free, and the impetus to change their life because they are fed up with ‘the same old same old.’ They will appreciate their success and never look back.

You can, and will, attract everything you want on your list at once if you take the time to follow the steps to success over the coming weeks!!

Get your Mind ready for immense positive change in your life.

What? You don’t believe me?

OK, then, here is a ‘lightbulb moment’..

You believing me, or not, as the case may be, may not be the issue here. It may be more to do with whether you believe in yourself?

Do you know what you want? Do you really focus on what you want? Do you believe you can have anything you want? Fact: Our thinking shapes our lives, and this information is bringing to your attention the simple ways to achieve your goals and enjoy an incredible lifestyle, just by ‘shifting your thinking..’ This, may seem like “wishful thinking” but that is exactly what it is! Pure and simple! SO.. to explain this natural phenomena in logical terms..goes like this…! The simplest way to improve our internal level of confidence that we apply to life in general is to eliminate our limiting beliefs.  Every negative belief we have lowers our internal level of self-confidence – beliefs such as “I’m not good enough, I’m inadequate, I’m powerless, I’m not capable, Nothing, I do is good enough, and I’m not worthy.” These are enemies of your dreams and MUST be vanquished NOW!

“When we ‘make up our mind’ to do something, we must have ‘believed’ it in the first place. Faith is the proud father of belief based on any worthy principle or set of values. Faith is the assured expectation of things yet to come, though not seen, but still perceived by our mind to its full extent ”. The Editor.

The essential information you need to unlock and free your mind. That help is right here to show you how you can have anything you want!

Full abundance and prosperity, for you and your loved ones. To see more of the world in one month than most see in a lifetime. To experience unending success, in business and relationships.  How to think yourself to health and wealth. To have bestowed upon you the power to get exactly whatever it is you want.

Quite literally the only thing stopping you from getting what you want is your own unbelief, a tad of doubt, a sprinkle of fear and a liberal shake of irritating inertia? To ‘shift your thinking’ you will need some unequalled inspirational help! I will tell you more about that later, but don’t forget you are living evidence and survive as a several trillion to one chance of being on this planet. You are completely unique. You have the ability to accomplish anything you want but only if you value your time here and want to bring all you want into your life over the next 4-5 years.

This document is for you to learn how to overtake and exceed your most precious goals and find new ones. This document is going to help you go from strength to strength with an invaluable trial package featured later.

“So why is it, my dreams never come true, and things always goes wrong for me?” ( Sound Familiar?)

Because, we literally ‘ask for trouble’! We unwittingly sabotage our dreams by secretly undermining them!!

“Oh I wish I could win the lottery but I’m always unlucky”

“If only I could get my business into profit I might be happy”

“If only I had the same opportunities as most other folk”

“If only I was better looking and had a better body”

“If only I had rich relatives I could be somebody”

“I hope to get out of this debt but I don’t fancy my chances much”

What is wrong here? Negative thinking is concentrating on what we lack as opposed to what we really want.

The Negative Voice

The enemy of our dreams is feelings of unworthiness in whatever shape or form. Guilt. Blame. Denial. Doubt. Inadequacy. Fear of failure. Indecision.

Everbody has these feelings, some more than others, some time or other. That part of us that pre-judges us. Its ok to feel like this sometimes! But effort is needed to ‘shift our thinking’ as soon as the negativity creeps in. The longer you put that action off the harder to shake off the ‘doubt demons’.

Here is a way to release the negativity we feel.

Treat it like a laundry list!

Acknowledge it

Accept it

Identify it

Label it

Bin it

Next time you feel negative or ‘powerless’

  1. Know your enemy (any negative not obsess about it but acknowledge it is trying to set you back)
  2. Look in the mirror
  3. Name the issue (why you are feeling jaded?)
  4. Shut your eyes and focus on steady measured breathing
  5. Think of your dream and ultimate solution
  6. Exhale with an affirmation “I release—–(name issue)
  7. Picture that issue gone forever leaving your body through your mouth and nose.
  8. Take a full deep breath and open your eyes.
  9. Repeat the exercise as many times as you need to visualising your issue leaving your whole body from the tip of your head and evaporating into thin air and your senses tingling with vital energy replacing the negative with the positive.
  10. Feel the warmth and certainty of what you believe and the inevitabilty of your dreams. Feel re-vitalised and invigorated and grateful for your renewed confidence. Give a big thankyou “Thankyou for inner power to achieve my dream and for the light brought to me” and be grateful for another day to strengthen your resolve and belief in your ultimate dreams.

Attuning your positive energy

When you want to listen to the radio you turn the dial to get a ‘tune’. You find a frequency. We all have our own frequency. The whole of out planetary system down to the smallest atom has a frequency. When your phone is left on ‘vibrate’ it is responding to an electrical frequency. Our brain can only work our body through millions of electrical frequencies passing connecting impulses to hundreds of thousands of nerve endings (electric cable) every single second

so how do we train our minds to ‘tune-in’ and draw positive energy and become a Walking, talking Magnet for all the good things in life?

You Have to Accentuate the Positive. Elevate your thoughts and feel the energy start to flow on a physical level first and then intellectual, emotional and most importantly, spiritual. Yes, we are the only species that appreciate art and literature, culture and creed. WE ARE SPIRITUAL CREATURES. That means we have a ‘need’ to experience things and possess extraordinary faculties other creatures do not appreciate like, fashion, irony, wit, politics, humour, poetry, philosophy, history, science, physics,  and all manner of specialised subjects, that feed our need to learn. To grow in our minds, body and spirit.

So, why, why, why, do a lot us find ourselves in a job we could train a monkey to do, and working just to pay a mortgage and credit cards?

The reason is simple: We have been conditioned as a product of industry and farmed to ‘know our place’.

It is what society has expected of us for centuries since before the Industrial revolution and to keep our head down and plough our own furrow and never look up.

To be expected by our peers to ‘make a living’

and struggle as a wage slave until too old to enjoy life anyway. Being paid a fraction what we are worth and punished with endless debt.

Is 9 ‘til 5 of torture and no time to do what we really want, what we really want? If that really is and ‘all there is’ for our 3 score and 10 then why do we see successful people who seem to do nothing to get fame and fortune?

We can re-create ourselves for abundance and prosperity if we are willing to start with just one positive thought process. To make a vow that whatever our circumstances now and whatever others think or say we refuse to stay poor or stuck in a rut. Thoughts provoke action. Time to ‘Shift our Thinking’

Here is a lesson from history that hits home a real message…

The Goldrush Fever Today

Gold value may be at its all time high right now but is flogging your never worn gold worth the cash you get? If you sold that 1976 old gold sovereign ring or 1980 hooped earrings what would you do with the money anyway? Go shopping? Rent a cottage in the Lake District? Pay off the overdraft? Will you just take your parents out for meal?

How about staking your claim in the niche product information ‘Gold Rush Phenomenon’? Probably the easiest way to make superb profits online. What is that old gold heirloom really worth to you? How can your old gold make you even more cash than you can imagine?  Not just the ‘scrapvalue’  payment unscrupulous business men want to give you but put a 1000% its worth in your pocket instead?

I’m not asking to start looking for broken cufflinks or snapped ankle chains that have come to grief and languishing in your sock drawer… forgotten until now! I merely want to talk about what real value versus real cost. Gold is a great analogy for what I want to share with you now while we are on the subject.

I have some compelling information that might convince you that when it comes to making money on the Internet that if it sounds too good to be true then only results will speak for themselves. What is absolutely key in learning this business is that a little risk doesn’t make much difference but taking action does. If we do nothing because we are worried about losing any investment, no matter how big or small then we will end up doing nothing .But you knew that, right?

You can start the Superb Niche Information Profits  business in 30 minutes for a few pounds (just the cost of a takeaway meal) and work from a free website you can create in 10 minutes! Yes. If you can send an email you can start this business. No special talents or skills required.

Most people like go to work each day to get money to buy nice things to surround themselves or to simply make the mortgage payment and survive but the real ‘Motherload’ is found on the Internet reselling.

Quick scenario: How often did you last buy or sell anything off Ebay? (In my case last week) When was the last time you bought Insurance or another service off the Internet? (In my case it was again last week as a present of theatre tickets for my wife to take her mother out as a birthday treat) When did you last look on the Web for Information? (Jeepers! In my case everyday several times a day, how about you?)

People want information. They will search for it. They will pay for it. They will use it. They will share it. They will always need it.

This is how search engines make money. This is how people like you become Millionaires and Billionaires every second of the day just by selling and reselling information. No average person with few skills can expect to get become wealthy more easily than sharing information on the Internet. Now is the time to stake your claim. This brings me neatly to the whole Goldrush mindset. Good and Bad.

Look at it this way:

On January 24th 1848 a local carpenter who owned a sawmill upstream on the fork of the American and Sacramento River (a fast flowing from the Nevada mountains known for its ‘white-water rapids’) called James Wilson Marshall was working to excavate a gulley to increase the river flow along a ditch to power a waterwheel to turn his huge ripsaw. As he examined the channel walls the next day he found something shiny and glinting in the sun. It was 24carat gold and of the finest.

Word got out and over 300,000 people from Latin America Europe and even as far as Australia sold up to follow the great American dream. Picks pans and shovels could not be made fast enough. The whole nation was filled with a new optimism after the American Mexican war that had impoverished the country and left armies of widows and orphans and cripples. It was an International human stampede of Biblical proportions from every corner of the world.

Noting all this the prospectors (or ‘49ers’ as they were known) whose trail ended in lack lustre coined the phrase ‘all that glitters is not gold’ still inspired a mindset of positivity. Good things came of the toil and frustration of thousands of ‘dreamers’. A determination to succeed no matter what the cost swept entire continents and fused a collision of cultures.

After the initial trials and tribulations of lust for wealth and prosperity communities flourished and for example San Francisco is now a wealthy metropolis in the world when once it was sleepy hamlet-like town. The gold that was found and invested in corporate endeavors drove an economy to huge technological advances as railroad and shipbuilding and the dreaming did not stop there.

Within 50 years after the Goldrush huge development of towns and cities multiplied across all the vast parts of America. The Movie business and Hollywood is a place where people live the American dream today. Vision and Hope sprung from desperation. But who really made all the money from the Goldrush years?

It was the people who had the factories to make the picks, pans and shovels who sold to the hardware store who sold to the crazy eyed prospectors for top dollar! That’s who!

The Tintotan Club Supply all kinds of online help and free online products with full resale rights Finding a Niche market and capital free-start up models to suit your business needs.

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Membership signing to be a Tintotan entitles you to a FREE “A Business In a Box” TODAY.

Polite Suggestion: All your First Months FREE products are listed below for new members only with short captions on the provided content. Immerse yourself in the information fully and PLEASE make some personal notes. This will pay you huge dividends as you learn the most lucrative online strategies available as told by those Multi-Millionaires who feature it, and who have done all the real hard work for you.

BUTthis learning process requires a little effort. The fact you took action to join the Cash Freedom Lifestyle team as a student means you seem very serious about making a very serious amount of money. So on behalf of CFL we offer our ongoing support and our most sincere best wishes on your exciting new venture with us starting our journey with you, right here, right now!

Reminder: All Products include PLR (Public Label Rights) This means you can rebrand and re-sell them with my express permission. We will show you how easy that process is in your following home workshop tutorial month on month. Here are your Goodies!

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Mark Anastasi

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Bonus 4 PDFInfinite profits” Mathew Glanfield Presents: ~ ‘A Beginner’s Fast-track to the Infinite Profits of the Web’Your access to pulling an incredible income from running your own membership site.

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Bonus 6 PDF “50 Things The Most successful People Have In Common” Let’s explore the millionaire mindset of the online marketer specifically over a number of topics, and look at exactly how this affects you and the way you’re doing business in a most positive way.

Find out more? or go to our site

All members are given £250 of Free business promotion packages every month like this offer ad finitum from ‘live’ seminar footage wealth building programs to e-books and ‘How to..’ guides on your favourite subjects.
Legal Disclaimer:  While all efforts to provide correct information have been made, we cannot guarantee any success or any sort of income from reading these or any material presented in this information.  We do have confidence that if you read and study this material, and APPLY what is taught, that you can see great wealth through your own Internet business.  However, we cannot legally guarantee anything.  We are not responsible for the loss of income, time, or any damages that applying what is taught in this material may cause (although we don’t think that any of that will happen!).


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