The Secret To Being Reasonable (or not)

The Secret To Being Reasonable (or not)

Here is my definition of  ‘Reasonable’.

It was put to me that a reasonable person probably wouldn’t have left their nice cosy corporate management job because they wanted something better … or believed they could take a business on that new ‘fandangled’ thing called the internet and generate the first £1M of sales in around 18 months.

Well, I have to admit, he did have a point – and it got me thinking…

I mean, we meet them all the time don’t we – those ‘reasonable’ people – they might be at work, a family member or friend, but we all know somebody who is aware that our ambitions go beyond what is ordinary, and they will go out of their way and do their level best to make sure we don’t get too ‘carried away’ with ourselves.

The trick of course, is to make sure that ‘reasonableness’ isn’t catching … you see, a reasonable person when told ‘nobody makes any money doing that’ might say ‘erm… yes, you’re right’ and in doing so subconsciously plot their path to eventual failure…

I’ve also know people be so ‘reasonable’ that they’ve spent time sitting down working out how something can’t possibly work, (ironically taking more time and effort than it would have taken to make it work in the first place) and talk themselves out of the kind of success that could have changed their lives for the better.

However … by telling you to be unreasonable, I don’t mean ‘be impossible’ … you cannot expect to make any money unless you have a structure in place that can generate cash, or are following a proven system that can make that happen … but once you have your hands on one (or better still, both) of those two things the biggest and often deciding factor is what you believe you can do with it.

Chances are, everything you’ve got so far, you’ve got by being reasonable … and if you’re not happy with what you’ve got, if it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough … then may I suggest you give being unreasonable a bit of a go instead…

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