The ‘One Man Band’ Mindset by Tim Lowe

Well, that’s it … we’ve just had our last bank holiday until Boxing day, and nearly everybody we know is either back, or just about to return from, their summer holiday.

In a few days the words ‘school run’ will re-enter conversations, and even those of us who don’t have to make one, will wonder where all the extra traffic came from…

In short, for most of us, life is returning to ‘normal’…

So what now? … well, I’m sure somewhere there’s a list of things that were being ‘put off’ until after you got back from holiday, or were going to do ‘when the kids go back’ … and I’m willing to bet that, somewhere on that ‘to do’ list, is something that’s been holding back your online efforts … the question is – what are you going to do about it…?

Now before we go any further I am not suggesting a collective pressing of noses to the grindstone and putting of shoulders to the wheel … this is not a ‘buck up’ or ‘get on with it’ type of email at all…

I would suspect that very few people who are not getting the results they want put it down to laziness. I would suggest instead that those who are frustrated by what they are currently acheiving online, are, in fact, switched on, not afraid of hard work … but are very, very, busy.

Nobody ever started an online business because they had to ‘fill’ four hours a day … our lives were already full of family commitments, our full time jobs (if we had one) and not forgetting the things we actually want to do … all before we tried to shoehorn in some time to make a bit extra online.

So you might be correct in thinking those who have succeeded online were not necessarily  the cleverest, or the most tech savvy, or the workaholics who stayed up all night to get it finished (though I have done that once or twice) but those who found the best way to make sure everything that needs to get done, gets done.

I know we all want better results for our online businesses, but I also know that a couple of extra hours won’t appear by magic. What we have to do is create the extra time by unburdening ourselves of the bits we may not be that good at … struggling putting your website together? – get somebody else to do it.

Don’t know how to build a squeeze page? – hire somebody to knock one up in five minutes – not got the first idea with SEO? – outsource it to experts, who can replace your hours of head scratching with results…

It really is easy to get tied up in the ‘one man band’ mindset, and thinking you shouldn’t or can’t spare a few pounds to shift those roadblocks out of your path, it really doesn’t cost as much as you think, and could well add some momentum to your business so that you aren’t writing the exact same ‘To Do’ list as your New Year’s resolutions.

Tim Lowe

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